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It’s been more than 12 years since Sky Mangel was seen in Erinsborough, but Stephanie McIntosh looks set to reprise her role with a guest spot on Neighbours.

Stephanie made on brief cameo on the soap in 2015, appearing “via a Skype call” to chat to Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) during the show’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

Per TV Tonight, the actress is due to return to our screens once again. The publication claims Stephanie has been in Melbourne recently, to return to the Neighbours studios.

The Australian actress, who resides in LA in the United States, has been spotted around Melbourne in recent days. The star has been sharing snaps on her Instagram, showing her Down Under.

Spotted: Stephanie spends some down time in Beaumaris, Melbourne.

(Image: Instagram/Stephanie McIntosh)

The actress joked about returning to the “right side” of the car in Australia.

(Image: Instagram/Stephanie McIntosh)

Of course fans will remember that after a tumultuous few years in Erinsborough, Sky left to be closer to Dylan Timmins (Damien Bodie), the father of her daughter, Kerry.

Her friend and former boyfriend Boyd Hoyland (Kyal Marsh) chose to go with her, as the pair had begun to grow closer again as friends.

“I think Boyd does have a lot of regret that things didn’t work out on a romantic level between him and Sky,” Stephanie told TV WEEK at the time of their departure from the series. “But in the end, there’s a mutual understanding between them – and they’ll always have that bond.”

Together, Boyd, Sky and Kerry moved away to Port Douglas.

Boyd, Sky and Kerry’s farewell.

(Image: 10)

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed on Sky’s return!

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