This is exactly where the SeaChange reboot is filmed

But not everyone is happy about it!
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When the highly anticipated SeaChange reboot first debuted on our screens this week, the first thing eagle-eyed viewers noticed is that the fictional town of Pearl Bay has undergone a bit of a revamp.

The original series based on life in the small coastal town was filmed at Barwon Heads and St Leonards in Victoria, both located on the Bellarine Peninsula.

But the revival season of the hit Aussie series wasn’t filmed in its original Victorian location.

Instead, the cast and crew filmed the reboot series in New South Wales, in the coastal town of Brunswick Heads, near Byron Bay.

And while some viewers aren’t happy about the location change, the show’s original creators recently revealed that Brunswick Heads was actually considered first as a location for the original series, but it was found to be unsuitable.

“When we saw it, we all said this is Pearl Bay, this has gotta be Pearl Bay, and then of course we went back and did the numbers,” producer Deb Cox told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“[But] there wasn’t the crew up here, there wasn’t the mobility, it was just all too hard.”

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Sigrid Thornton and Brooke Satchwell on the SeaChange revival.

(Credit: Nine)

Cox says the new location is stunning and is a full-circle moment for the show.

“It’s always where it was meant to be,” she said.

“So in that transition you now see on camera, the beach is here, and the tropical style is slightly different. It’s amazing how quickly you adapt. It looks right now, like it was meant to look in my imagination.”

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Barwon Heads in Victoria, where the first seasons of SeaChange was filmed.

(Credit: Supplied)

Barwon Heads received a huge economic boost thanks to SeaChange.

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Brunswick Heads in northern NSW.

(Credit: Supplied)

The move to NSW was a deal organised by the state government, looking to boost tourism and the local economy.

“Bringing SeaChange to NSW is a great win for the State. Our incredible scenery coupled with the strength of Northern Rivers screen practitioners and support from Create NSW proved to be an unmissable opportunity for the return of this well-loved Australian production,” NSW Minister for the Arts Don Harwin said in a statement.

“I’m delighted to announce that 100 per cent of the production will be filmed and post-produced in NSW, creating nearly 300 jobs and development opportunities that will provide roles for practitioners across many underrepresented groups.

“SeaChange will also boost the NSW economy with an estimated spend of over $9 million and we fully anticipate a very positive tourism boost for the area,” he said.

Nine’s co-head of drama Jo Rooney added: “We’re thrilled to be filming in the Northern Rivers region, and to bring the joyous drama of SeaChange to a new generation of viewers.”

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The location is a blow to the local residents of Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula, who were campaigning for the SeaChange reboot to again be filmed in Barwon Heads.

The town enjoyed a great economic and real estate boost thanks to the hit show 20 years ago and locals were hoping for a second bite at the cherry.

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