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Nearly 20 years have passed since Laura Gibson first escaped to Pearl Bay, retreating to the coastal cove after her big-city life exploded. In just one day, Laura lost her job, husband and house, so she packed up and started fresh in the seaside suburb.

Debuting in 1998, SeaChange quickly became a phenomenon for the ABC. With Sigrid Thornton at the helm, the show perfectly captured what the audience was feeling and thinking.

For three seasons, Australia watched as Laura found a new life, and love. When the ABC called time in November 2000, more than 2.4 million viewers tuned in to the finale.

Now, the Aussie drama is back with original cast members Sigrid, Kerry Armstrong and John Howard. While some notable names are missing – William McInnes among them – we’re ready to fall in love with the quirky locals all over again.

“I’m interested to see how the audience will respond to this reinvention of a beloved series,” Sigrid, 60, shares with TV WEEK.

“SeaChange is about love, connection and humour. I’m thrilled to be reprising such a wonderful character and story.”

Laura Gibson – Sigrid Thornton

Returning to Pearl Bay after losing her job (sounds familiar…), Laura is shocked to learn that her estranged daughter Miranda is pregnant.

Bob Jelly – John Howard

Fresh out of prison, former Pearl Bay mayor Bob Jelly is up to his old tricks again, hatching a get-rich-quick scheme that could cause problems for the whole town. John returns for his most famous, and cheekiest, role.

Heather Jelly – Kerry Armstrong

Heather ditched Bob while he was in the clink, and now she’s looking forward to a life free of fraud. But what happens when Bob gets out of prison and visits her? She has a big decision to make…

Miranda Gibson – Brooke Satchwell

Laura’s daughter is all grown up and working as a park ranger. Initially played by Cassandra Magrath, former Neighbours star Brooke takes over as Miranda, who is heavily pregnant with her first child and not interested in reconnecting with her mother.

Ben Russo – Dan Wylie

Ben is the new owner of the Tropical Star Hotel, the only pub in town, which he bought with his then-wife Clara about six months ago. Clara has since up and left, and it doesn’t take long for he and Laura to lock horns (and eyes).

Findlay Knox – Darren McMullen

Findlay is a marine biologist working for Miranda’s enemy, mining company Striplands. Handsome and charming, he might be just the man Miranda didn’t know she was looking for.

Anna Kazan – Katrina Milosevic

Anna is the sergeant at the Pearl Bay police station. She’s been in town for almost a decade now, and in that time has become Miranda’s best friend.

SeaChange premiers Tuesday August 6th, 8.45pm, Nine Network

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