EXCLUSIVE: Roxy Jacenko defends her “aggressive” communication style towards her husband Oliver

''Look you know what? We're very different people.''
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PR maven Roxy Jacenko is anything but timid, and if her new show I Am Roxy is anything to go by, we’re about to get a no-holds-barred look at her outlandish personality and her lavish life.

And while we know that this pocket rocket is feisty – because you can’t run a couple of empires without being so – there’s one person who bares the brunt of it. Her husband, Oliver Curtis.

During the preview clips of Network Ten’s I am Roxy, the Sweaty Betty boss yells at her husband for making coffee take like “poison”, swearing at him and then telling him to “stop swearing” and even yanks a hair out of his nose in a communication style that Oliver calls “aggressive”.

But for Roxy, who even admits herself she’s a bit of “a nightmare” to live with, she has her reasons for the way she communicates.

“Look, you know what? We’re very different people,” Roxy said during a sit down chat with Now to Love.

“If you don’t listen, I’m going to shout! Seriously if I say I want a light globe that is a normal size and you give me one that’s the size of the freaking planet, I’m going to scream!

“Yes I can be aggressive, but I’m only aggressive if you don’t listen the first 15 times. You get to the 16th time… it becomes aggressive.”

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Oliver Curtis believes his wife, Roxy Jacenko, has a very “aggressive” way of communicating.

(Source: I Am Roxy/Network Ten)

Roxy also says that the opportunities their family have, wouldn’t have come without her hard work and diligence.

“We wouldn’t have the house we have and we wouldn’t have good schooling for the children if I wasn’t doing what I’m doing,” she admitted.

“So whilst he may not like that I scream at him all day long, it’s with the best intentions. If he’s frivolous I’m going to pull him up on it because I need to sustain it. We are a one income family.”

The couple have overcome many obstacles since getting together in 2013 – the most notable of course being Oliver’s stint in prison in 2016 for insider trading, with the former stockbroker now a “PR Girl” going to work with his wife everyday.

“My life is not particularly easy,” she said. “I’ve come from having a business that’s 15 years old and I’ve done it myself the whole time, and then my husband goes to jail and he’s basically unemployable so he comes to work with me.”

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As you can imagine, working and living with your husband 24/7 is not an easy feat.

“You go from being in charge and then having someone come in who doesn’t understand how it [the business] works, and they want to make changes and he doesn’t understand the mechanisms of the business – it can be irritating,” Roxy revealed.

“I’ve had a friend who came in the other day to my office and she was like ‘I love it when my husband goes on holiday’, and I’m like if only my husband would go on holiday…”

“We are now in each other’s pocket 24/7 and that’s because of his mistake he made all those years ago,” Roxy said. “Unfortunately the chapter is closed but it’s not closed for him and he will forever have that burden.

“And it’s sad. It’s why I said to him come and work with me and we’ll just do it together. It’s a pain in the ass and it’s very hard. Who wants to work with their husband and live with them?”

Roxy and Oliver.

(Source: Instagram/Roxy Jacenko)

Roxy admitted that the “situation will never end and “there are so many things that it has impacted”.

“You know, he’s a young guy. He’s 34 and he can’t go out there and get a job because he’s ‘that insider trader’.

“So, you do your time, but you really don’t have the rest of your life… and he’s stuck with me now.”

Pilot Week continues on Wednesday with I Am… Roxy on Wednesday and My 80 Year Old Flatmate on Friday, only on 10 and WIN.

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