Riptide spoilers: A monster is revealed as Dan’s lies emerge

The twisted truth.
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From the moment her new husband Sean disappeared mysteriously during a morning surf, Alison Weston has found support from neighbour Dan in Riptide.

A pillar of strength as everything in her world fell apart, he’s been there – no strings attached. But could he have another motive?

Dan is clearly interested in Alison.

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In a flashback to the months before tragedy struck, we see Dan (David Berry) as a home handyman, hired by real estate agent Jenny (Pia Miranda) to fix up the home next to Alison (Jo Joyner) and Sean (Peter O’Brien).

Spying on them across the fence as he works, it becomes clear he’s very interested in Alison – and not at all happy she’s married to another man.

When Jenny casually mentions the house will be empty for months while the owners travel, a switch is flicked inside Dan’s head and a plan is born: if he can take over the home and assume a new identity, he might be able to make his way into Alison’s life.

But even if he can plant himself next door, that still leaves the problem of Jenny and Sean…

Flash forward and both have now disappeared, but are they linked to Dan’s obsession?

Dan wedged his way into Alison’s wife.

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And if they are, what will he do when Alison’s ex-husband Michael (Ciaran Griffiths) arrives to look after his former wife and their daughter Hannah (Asher Yasbincek)?

“I’ve just remembered where I know Michael from,” Dan tells Alison when he arrives for a morning chat.

“The night before Sean went missing, I passed this guy on the street and it was him. He wants you back and if he’s been hanging around outside… think about it.”

When the police turn their attention to Michael, Dan’s plan to have Alison as his own moves into its final stage, with no-one – except Alison if she realises the truth in time – standing in his way.

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