Meet the two new cast members joining Playing For Keeps season 2

Ben Chapple and Jess Bush's characters are set to cause serious scandal at the Southern Jets.
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Our favourite football drama Playing For Keeps is back and the scandals are set to kick off from the very first siren.

But before all the delightfully salacious controversy begins, you’ll want to meet the two new characters joining the all-star cast, and possibly causing some of the aforementioned trouble.

New star recruit Liam Flynn (played by Ben Chapple) and his girlfriend Kendall Pereira (played by Jess Bush) will join the Southern Jets’ family.

If Jess looks familiar it’s because you’ve likely seen the actress, model and artist before. Jess appeared on season 7 of Australia’s Next Top Model, before moving into acting roles on Home And Away, The Secret Daughter and most recently Les Norton.

As for Sydney born actor Ben, he’s been completing his final year at the prestigious WAAPA institute, while filming Playing For Keeps – his first TV role.

TV WEEK sat down to chat with the new recruits ahead of the season premiere.

What’s it been like joining the PFK cast?

Ben: It’s been so incredible being on set with such professional and talented cast and crew and creatives. It’s been humbling and I’m super grateful for the opportunity.

Jess: It was a whirlwind; all the cast and crew were lovely. It was super exciting and a little bit intimidation at first, of course, but I was made to feel very at home, very quickly.

Ben is thrilled to play Liam in PFK.

Tell us a bit about your characters…

Ben: Liam is an absolute superstar both on and off the AFL field, and he knows it. He has a lot of charm but there are also a lot of secrets going on behind the eyes and behind smile. He’s an absolute fire starter.

The question this season is what happens when you’ve never had obstacles in your way, what do you do when you’ve had such a successful life and no one says ‘no’ to you, until now…

Jess: Kendall is cut from a totally different cloth to the other women in the show. She comes in like a fiery comet and the women have to improvise and figure out how to deal with her and minimise Kendall’s impact.

This new couple will shake things up.

What is their relationship like as a couple?

Ben: It’s a passionate relationship, it’s really intense and they both influence for both good and the ill. There’s a certain degree of power shifting and dependence between the two. Liam keeps secrets from the Southern Jets but also from Kendall and that’s where fires really start to burn.

Jess: It’s somewhat toxic, they’ve been together for a very long time and Kendall’s never had anyone else. She’s followed Liam from her life; she left everything behind to be with him. He is Kendall’s whole world, she doesn’t have friends outside of him and she’s disconnected from her family.

Playing for Keeps returns Wednesday 16 October, 8.30pm on 10.

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