Everything you need to know about Season Two of Playing For Keeps

The hit series is back with a second season and PLENTY of fresh drama

By Tina Burke
Everyone's favourite WAGs are returning to our screens in October, with Network 10 confirming hit series Playing For Keeps will be back for its second season.
The star-studded drama, which first premiered in September 2018, follows the scandalous lives of the wives and girlfriends of the fictional Southern Jets AFL club in Melbourne.
The first season was tied together by the mysterious death of one of the players, Jack Davies (James Mason), though the drama extended far beyond his demise. Multiple affairs, backstabbings and heartbreaking splits ruled supreme, leaving viewers craving more.
So, where will these dramatic ladies and gents pick up when Playing For Keeps returns on Wednesday, 16th of October at 8.30pm?
Network 10 reveals that after six months abroad, Paige (Cece Peters) returns home from London, but a lot has changed since she's been gone.
Cece Peters, Isabella Giovinazzo, Olympia Valance, Madeleine West and Annie Maynard.
Kath (Madeleine West) is now on the board of the Southern Jets, Jessie (Isabella Giovinazzo) is busy dreaming up her own football aspirations, and Tahlia (Olympia Valance) is determined to rebuild herself - and her personal 'brand' - following her split from Connor (Jackson Gallagher).
Maddy (Annie Maynard) has an ever-increasing list of wifely duties to fulfill, as her husband Travis (Kevin Hofbauer) has been named head coach of the Southern Jets. Maddy's first task as the coach's wife is to welcome the new star recruit's complicated girlfriend to the club.
A new player and his girlfriend making waves? Sounds similar enough to the first season, though, according to 10, this girl doesn't quite fit the mould. We can't wait to see what happens next.
The glamorous WAGs return!
Playing for Keeps returns Wednesday 16 October, 8.30pm on 10.

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