Packed To The Rafters star teases fans with sneak peek on set of new reboot series

Bring on the reunion!
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Before the coronavirus pandemic arrived and halted production on our favourite TV programs, the cast of beloved series Packed To The Rafters were hard at work filming the show’s new reboot season.

But of course, filming ground to a halt back in March, when strict social distancing rules were put in place.

Yet that hasn’t stopped one of the show’s stars reminiscing about their time filming the reboot.

Actor Erik Thomson, who plays Dave Rafter, posted a lovely photo of his onscreen wife Rebecca Gibney while on set during production, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“A tiny, sneaky, behind the scenes snap of the legend herself, @rebeccagibney_ . Taken earlier this year pre-Covid working on Back to the Rafters,” Erik wrote on Instagram this week.

Erik explained he hoped the cast and crew would soon be able to resume their work on the show.

“We were all so blissful in our ignorance of the approaching storm. Anyway, fingers crossed we’ll soon be back to finish it off.”

In the image, Rebecca Gibney is surrounded by lush green landscape – a far cry from the show’s traditional suburban surrounds. Could the reboot possibly include some grand travel plans for the Rafters?

Erik Thomson posted this photo of his co-star Rebecca Gibney on set.

(Image: Instagram)

Erik Thomson and Rebecca Gibney as Dave and Julie Rafter on the original Channel Seven series, which wrapped in 2013.

(Image: Channel Seven)

The Back To The Rafters reboot series, which will be set six years after Packed To The Rafters wrapped, was Jessica pulled out of the project due to “personal reasons” earlier this year.

“Jessica Marais has decided to step away from the new series Back to the Rafters for personal reasons,” read a statement released by her management team RGM Artists in February.

“She thanks everyone involved on the show for their ongoing support and love, especially her ‘Rafter’s family’, and sends them her very best wishes for the production.”

The role will instead be played by Australian actress Georgina Haig.

Hugh Sheridan (Ben Rafter), Georgina Haig (Rachel Rafter) and Angus McLaren (Nathan Rafter) pictured together on the set of the new Packed To The Rafters reboot series, Back To The Rafters.

(Image: Amazon)

The Rafter family pictured during the original season.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Back where it all began.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Hugh Sheridan, who played Ben Rafter, has previously opened up about his desire for the show to be brought back, even speculating about exactly what the reboot could and should look like.

Back in September, before the new series was officially confirmed, Hugh said the show left a hole in his heart and he would definitely be keen to get the gang back together.

“I love the show and I really, really love playing Ben Rafter. I miss him, and I miss playing that character everyday!” Hugh told TV WEEK at the time.

“Obviously, they sold the house, so it would have to be somewhere else. But I think it would be about what has happened in their lives over the last 10 years and where they are now.”

He explained that Zoë Ventoura, the actress who played his on-screen wife Mel, who tragically died in heartbreaking scenes on the show, are still really close.

“We just have figure out a way to bring her back [to the reboot]. Maybe in a dream sequence!” he said.

Amazon Prime is yet to confirm an official premiere date for the reboot series.

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