Farewell, Mason! Orpheus Pledger spills on leaving Home and Away

''There was so much momentum leading up to Mason's death.''
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Mason Morgan first appeared on our screens with the rest of the lovable Morgan clan in 2016.

The cheeky character, played by Orpheus Pledger, quickly became a fan-favourite, but now it’s time for Home and Away fans to say goodbye.

Following in the footsteps of his on-screen brother Jackson Heywood and on-screen sister Olivia Deeble, Orpheus chose to say goodbye to Summer Bay this year. The trio have left behind their other siblings, Justin Morgan (James Stewart) and Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee).

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Orpheus Pledger starred as Mason Morgan for more than three years.

(Image: Channel Seven)

In the 2019 season finale, which aired on Wednesday night, Mason was shot dead by thugs from the Ouroboros gang.

When the gang took over the hospital in a terrifying siege, Mason decided to take a stand against the men in order to help Bella (Courtney Miller) who was clinging to life.

When he – along with Alex (Zoë Ventoura), Jasmine (Sam Frost), Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) – stood up to the gang, the gunman lost his nerve and snapped. Mason was shot dead.

The heartbreaking scene is sure to be remembered by fans for years to come, and will inevitably play a big part in the new season when Home and Away returns in 2020.

We caught up with the actor to find out more about his decision to say goodbye to Summer Bay, shooting his final scenes and what’s next…

TV WEEK: We’re so sad to see Mason go! How do you feel about leaving the show?

Orpheus: I’m so appreciative of all that I got to do, all I got to see, all that I got to learn, all that I got to experience over those almost four years. Look, it was an amazing journey, I mean it’s humongous, life altering stuff. I wouldn’t take any of it back, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I reflect back on it and I just go, far out I had some amazing times.

Mason’s heroic final moments.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Killed in a hostage situation is a pretty epic way to go! Mason was very heoric in his final scenes, what were his last moments like for you to film?

Yeah he’s got those characteristics about him, so heroic. There was so much momentum leading up to his death so it was just… it was a bit of a crescendo moment, it was just like the height of a really intense and amazing kind of song.

It was definitely beautiful and so amazing, just to have a comfortable environment and good, earnest, beautiful people around me. I mean what more do you think you want?

How did you come to the decision that it was time to leave the show?

It was a joint decision. It was between the production moving forward and setting storylines, and me planning what’s going on [with my career]. I signed on for three years and I extended for eight months – I’m just grateful for that! That’s a blessing just in that.

It was a creative decision because it benefits the show the most at this time. And it gave me a bit of time to prepare for a lot of things as well, so there was no stress. I mean it was just so good.

Home and Away is such a beautiful institution, so many people go [on the show] and when they leave they’re a completely different person. It puts you on a completely different trajectory and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s all good, I mean, everyone moves on. It’s not a sad thing, it’s a really good thing. I appreciate the show and let’s move on! You know, some other dude is going to come in and be that [kind of] character I was playing and that’s what it’s about. I hope he does it better, you know [laughs].

Penny McNamee and Orpheus on set.

(Image: Channel Seven)

So what’s next for you?

I know fundamentally what I want to do and I’m gonna do it so I’m not gonna really blab about it, I’m just going to do it. But yeah, I’ve been planning for a few things on the sideline, just hustling away.

Home and Away returns to Channel Seven in 2020.

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