Jackson Heywood bids farewell to Home and Away

It’s time for Brody to leave Summer Bay…

By Tamara Cullen
Brody Morgan strolled in to Summer Bay with the rest of the Morgan siblings in 2016, instantly becoming a major part of the Home and Away story.
Over the years fans have watching Brody, played by Jackson Heywood, overcome drug addiction, marry Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) and, most recently, break her heart after embarking on an affair with Simone (Emily Eskell). Now, Brody is leaving the Bay with Simone.
Ahead of his on-screen departure this week, Jackson chats to TV WEEK about his final farewell.
It's sad to see you go! How are you feeling about saying goodbye to Home And Away?
It's a bit bitter-sweet, but I'm OK with it. The good thing about acting is that jobs come to an end; it's always varying and you can look forward to another chapter.
Brody and Simone are leaving the Bay...
How would you sum up your experience on the show?
I got everything I wanted from the show [as an actor]. It gave me good foundations to hone my craft. Time-wise with this show, you're in a huge pressure cooker, so that's been a big learning curve. It's a lovely industry, but it's also exhausting because it's so non-stop.
Any memorable storylines from playing Brody?
His drug addiction storyline gave me a lot of great scenes. It was a delicate subject matter, so I wanted to do it well. I felt fulfilled creatively by delving into that.
Brody and Ziggy's wedding day was a major moment for Jackson.
What's ahead for you?
I'll keep working as much as I can. But I also write, so I'd love to get a film into production in the next year. Who knows? It's exciting.
Home And Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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