Neighbours: Is Alice set to be Ramsay Street’s latest villain?

Kerry Armstrong makes her Neighbours debut!
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A new face appears in town on Neighbours this week, but her sweet exterior is hiding a much darker motive.

When Sonya (Eve Morey) finds herself overwhelmed and attempting to juggle Nell and Hugo, a kind stranger intervenes. The woman, Alice (Kerry Armstrong), offers to care for the kids while Sonya gets her work done. And although she’s hesitant at first, Sonya accepts out of desperation.

Alice appears to be a godsend as she cares for Nell and Hugo, but when Sonya turns away, she coos to baby Hugo that she wasn’t expecting to meet him so soon.

“She absolutely has a grand plan,” Kerry, 60, hints.

Kerry Armstrong joins the cast of Neighbours.

Is Alice who she seems?

“Alice is a character who pushes every boundary and is a force to be reckoned with,” Kerry teases.

“There is a lot of encouragement [from producers] to see who she is and how far she can go.”

Is Alice who she seems?

Despite being a seasoned pro, Kerry admits it took her some time to adjust on the set of Neighbours.

“I like being kept on my toes and liked finding out how rusty I was,” she recalls.

“I thought oh my god if this was the Wizard of Oz, I’m definitely the Tin Man trying desperately to head towards Toto,” she laughs.

There’s nothing we love more than a new face on Ramsay Street – except maybe a past favourite. So thanks to the return of Tyler (Travis Burns) and the welcoming of Alice (Kerry), we’re feeling particularly overjoyed to be watching Neighbours this week.

Neighbours airs weeknights at 6:30pm on Eleven.

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