My Kitchen Rules 2015 winners revealed!

After months battling it out in the kitchen, Will and Steve from Sydney have been crowned the winners of My Kitchen Rules, making them the first ever all-male team to take out the title.

The British besties are in celebration mode after beating out the bubbly duo, Jac and Shaz for the 2015 title.

While it’s been a turbulent journey, the aspiring chefs hailing from Britain are no doubt relishing the $250,000 prize money they’ll get to share.

Speaking at the finale, the popular pair said they were delighted with the outcome and grateful for the opportunity.

36-year-old Will was over come with emotion when they announced their win: “I wanted to win so I could prove to myself I could do anything,” he said.

Will was made redundant from his investment banking job last year and told TV Week that he has suffered from depression for some time.

“People are surprised and say I’m not the type to have depression, but that’s the point, it doesn’t discriminate,” he told the publication.

In an interview with Who magazine last month, Essex-born Will said the show “transformed” him and his wife “got back the guy she fell in love with.”

My Kitchen Rules first ever all-male winners will use the quarter of a million dollars to chase their cooking dreams.

Although the boys had a happy ending, it wasn’t quite the same for Queensland cousins Jac and Shaz.

Woman’s Day spoke exclusively to an on-set source who told us that Jac and Shaz were furious when they fell victim to a television trick.

The show’s producers filmed two endings of the series weeks ago, to ensure not even the contestants knew who had won until it’s aired.

“Everyone else on set, including Will and Steve, were fully aware that two endings were being filmed,” explains the source. “It was like common knowledge. But Jac and Shaz were clueless and furious they’d been kept in the dark.”

Our source added: “Jac and Shaz burst into tears, and their families, who were in the audience, got very upset too.”

The boys were ecstatic with their $250 000 win.

Despite the on-set drama, the ladies were thankful for the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“We put our hearts into and went as hard as we could go,” said the runner ups.

The heat was set to high in the kitchen while the pairs each cooked five courses equaling a whopping 100 plates.

Among the guests enjoying the meals were the grand finalist’s friends and family.

It was an emotional reunion for the home chefs, who were reunited with their families after months of no contact during filming.

The proud British boys won by just 2 points and it seemed Will and Steve’s creative flavour beat out Jac and Shaz’s home-style cooking.

Will and Steve ended with an impressive 52 while the ladies picked up 50 out of 60, which gave the boys the winning edge.

Despite their trademark shrug-off, “We’re just Jac and Shaz”, judge Pete Evans proved they went the extra mile, commenting, “You’re more than just Jac and Shaz,” but it wasn’t quite enough to topple the British lads.

Congratulations to all of the MKR stars – especially Will and Steve – on a stellar series!

Runners Up! Jac and Shaz, the proud Mount Isa girls lost by only 2 points.

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