My Kitchen Rules Jac and Shaz’s backstage meltdown exposed!

Weeks before tonight’s My Kitchen Rules grand finale went to air, mums Jacqui and Sharon stormed off the set after a cruel twist they didn’t see coming!
My Kitchen Rules Jac and Shaz

My Kitchen Rules Jac and Shaz

Cousins Jacqui, 42, and Sharon, 43, were elated when confetti showered down on them in a magical moment that had the two salt-of-the-earth Mount Isa mums shrieking in delight – but then came the cruellest of all TV tricks!

The My Kitchen Rules producers stopped the celebration and prepared to film fellow competitors Steve and Will also winning the $250,000 prize money that the girls thought they had in the bag!

“Everyone else on set, including Will and Steve, were fully aware that two endings were being filmed,” explains a source on the set. “It was like common knowledge. But Jac and Shaz were clueless and furious they’d been kept in the dark.”

The confetti was swept up and cameras reset to film an alternate ending – something the producers do to protect the big secret of who wins My Kitchen Rules because it is filmed weeks before it goes to air.

Not even the two teams in the grand final know who has won and are currently on tenterhooks along with the rest of the nation, waiting to find out who walks away with the prize.

“Jac and Shaz burst into tears, and their families, who were in the audience, got very upset too,” our source says.

“They went from the highest high to all of a sudden feeling robbed of their victory and they stormed off the set.

“They were furious, and I can understand why. It’s like being given something and then having it snatched away from you.

“Jac and Shaz aren’t actors and they don’t want to be, so for them to find out that it’s staged was a real blow,” reveals our insider.

While the cruel twist left them devastated, who knows? Perhaps their tears will turn out to be tears of joy after the finale. Viewers will find out the real winner as the contestants themselves do, when the finale goes to air.

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