Doctor Doctor’s Miranda Tapsell shares her wedding plans

'The sky's the limit in our relationship. We can do anything'
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Miranda Tapsell is in demand. She’s talking on the phone to TV WEEK about Doctor Doctor while sitting in the make-up chair for another TV show she’s shooting.

She’s so busy, she hasn’t even had time to plan her upcoming wedding.

But her husband-to-be, James Colley, is more than capable of looking after that side of things.

“I’m very lucky in that respect, in that I have a lovely fiancé who’s done most of it,” Miranda, 31, says.

“And I have beautiful parents and in-laws who have been so lovely, very understanding of the way my schedule works as well. I’m not too stressed.”

James and Miranda have a special day to look forward to.

James is a writer who has worked on shows such as Gruen and Get Krack!n.

TV WEEK Logie-winning actress Miranda has recently branched out into writing as well, penning the script for the rom-com Top End Wedding, which was shot earlier this year in the Northern Territory.

So are the couple planning to collaborate sometime in the future?

“If Jay-Z and Beyoncé can collaborate on an album and shoot a…” Miranda begins, before bursting into laughter.

“Sorry, I just got out-sassed by the make-up department! They’re like, ‘You really think you can film in the Louvre?’ Anyway, I’m being stupid. Yes, James and I would love to do that one day.”

Miranda reveals she isn’t too stressed about her wedding day plans.

As for whether she and James are planning to have a baby anytime soon, it’s a question that Miranda is used to hearing.

“A lot of people have asked me that!” she says.

“I think I’m just going to focus on my wedding at the moment, because that’s a big enough project. I’ll see what happens after that.”

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