Pals Jane Fonda and Candice Bergen dish on their new film Book Club

'This movie shows that older people are still vibrant'
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They don’t come much more legendary than Jane Fonda and Candice Bergen.

The long-time friends – along with pals Mary Steenburgen and Diane Keaton – have teamed up together in the hilarious new movie Book Club.

The story follows four friends whose lives are changed when they read Fifty Shades Of Grey for a book club meeting.

Here, Jane and Candice reveal to TV WEEK what it was like to work together, and what – at 80 and 72 respectively – they’ve learnt about life and the showbiz industry.

Candice, Mary and Jane portray lifelong friends.

TV WEEK: It must have been fun for you all to be together on the set of Book Club, how did you find working together?

Candice: I’ve known Jane and Diane for many years and I knew Mary slightly before we made the film. Working with them all was pure pleasure. Jane, especially, is remarkable. She is whip-intelligent and she cares about people. We were taking a photograph, the four of us, and she took the iPhone and corrected it, retouched it, so that everybody looked their best.

Jane: If you were to imagine a get-together between Candice, Diane, Mary and I, it’d go something like this: Mary’s drinking tequila, I’m drinking vodka, Diane is drinking red wine on ice, and Candy is drinking divine white wine probably. The best part is there’s a particular laughter when women friends get together that comes from somewhere really deep. It’s really cleansing.

TV WEEK: What was the vibe like on set?

C: We shot Book Club mostly in a house in Brentwood [in California] and the garage was our green room. Every time we’d have downtime, we’d go in the garage and all our chairs were set up there in a circle and we would just yak and yak and yak.

J: When you go into a movie like this, you worry that there’s going to be one or two divas. It’s a pain in the arse if you’re working with a diva. It was such a joy that none of us are. We’re all just regular folks.

Book Club stars Diane, Candice, Jane, and Mary.

TV WEEK: How did you prepare for this role, was there much research involved?

C: I read the juicy parts of Fifty Shades when the book came out, but I didn’t know how to get a copy of what was considered a porno without being recognised. Someone had to lend me their copy!

J: I thought it was very important to make a movie that shows that older people are still vibrant, still alive, still ready to be woke if necessary, and still with very deep friendships.

TV WEEK: What are your thoughts on older woman in Hollywood?

C: I don’t know how we got this movie made; the studio didn’t want to go with older actresses. They wanted younger, vibrant actresses – but there’s nobody more vibrant than us, frankly!

J: I actually think it’s harder to be young in Hollywood right now, because of social media. You never know who’s taking a picture. I’m so glad social media wasn’t around when I was coming up; I wouldn’t be alive right now! There’s also too much pressure on women to be sexy and naked. I don’t envy the young ones at all.

TV WEEK: Do you worry much about ageing or are you happy to embrace it?

J: I don’t like the 70-is-the-new-40 idea. I wouldn’t want to be 40 again.

C: I’ve given up any pretence of concealing my age. I had my eyes done when I was 41, but nothing excessive since, because I don’t believe in it. There are a lot of women who are my age and I look like their grandmother! I think we should just feel privileged to grow older. Anyway, as you get older, you get much smarter.

Book Club is in cinemas now.

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