Friends star David Schwimmer joins Will & Grace revival as new love interest

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Ross Geller, equally the most hated AND most beloved Friends character, was expertly played for 10 years by David Schwimmer.
Now, the actor is taking his own glorious brand of humour over to another famous sitcom, after scoring a key guest role on Will & Grace.
When season two of the hit revival series returns, David will play a love interest for Grace Adler (Debra Messing) in a five episode arc. The NBC revival series, which airs on Stan. in Australia, is set to return in October.
David Schwimmer with Will & Grace star Eric McCormack.
This new role on Will & Grace marks the actors' return to the sitcom world.
The former Friends star will join main cast members Debra, Eric McCormack (Will Truman), Megan Mullally (Karen Walker) and Sean Hayes (Jack McFarland). Other confirmed guest stars for the season include Chelsea Handler and Alec Baldwin.
Debra shared the first-look at David on-set in an Instagram post shared earlier today, posting a photo of him side-by-side with Eric... in a matching ensemble, no less.
"This was not planned," she wrote in the caption.

Could we BE any more excited? Oh, yes, we could! Because series' co-creator Max Mutchnick also shared a photo of David and Debra blocking a scene.
"It's always scary when kids meet for the first time on the playground, but I think we'll schedule a few more play dates for these two. Camera blocking day on stage 22!" he captioned his Instagram post.

The first revival season of Will & Grace was well-received by fans, thanks to its return to the show's original themes. You know, the tale of a sassy single gal and her equally-single and childless sassy gay roommate? Basically: Lots of sass, no children and no long-term feuding.
The first revival season, also known as season nine, essentially dismissed the entire eighth season from 2006. Fans of the original Will & Grace will remember the controversial finale, which flashed forward in to the future, where Will and Grace were no longer friends.
Put simply, the original finale and basically the entire eighth season that led to it, are non-existent in the timeline of the revival. In the new show, that entire finale was dismissed as a weird 'dream' that Karen had.
Of the upcoming season, series co-creator Max tells Deadline, ""We're trying to open up the series this year. Last year was about coming back and seeing how the audience was going to respond, and they embraced the show, and that was thrilling. Now, we need to move forward."
Will & Grace will premiere in October on NBC in the US, and Stan. in Australia. All seasons of the beloved sitcom are available to stream on Stan. now.

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