McLeod’s Daughters star Luke Jacobz thinks a reboot is imminent

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Rumours have swirled for months that outback drama McLeod’s Daughters will be making a rebooted return to our screens.

And now, former star of the series Luke Jacobz, has hinted it’s still on the cards.

Chatting to TV WEEK this week to promote his new Channel Seven series Instant Hotels, Luke, 36, remarked on the “iconic Australian farm show”.

Luke played Patrick Brewer on the Aussie drama.

“I’m happy that they’re doing it and I’ll probably tune in to watch it,” he says.

His comments give the most recent strongest indication that a reboot is still in the planning stages.

In September, series creator Posie Graeme-Evans posted on Facebook confirming she was still in discussions with the Nine Network about reprising the show.

“We have a story now, and I think it’s a cracker,” Posie wrote.

“Just finishing the work we need to do before I talk about the next steps with the Network. But you never know ’til you know. It’s even money if there’ll be a pickup – or not.

“And, we’ve all got to want to do it and that may take a bit of talking to get us all over the line.”

As for whether he’d want to be a part of it, Luke remained open.

Luke portrayed Patrick Brewer from 2005 to 2009, and appeared in the series finale.

“If they asked me, I’d have a look for sure,” he says.

The actor added he’d stayed in close contact with Simmone Jade Mackinnon, who portrayed Stevie in the series since filming on the show ended.

“It was such a fun show to work on,” Luke says.

“It was just an Aussie show about girls on a farm and it was great. It was your iconic Australian farm show.”

McLeod’s Daughters debuted in 2001 and ran for eight seasons until its final episode aired in 2009.

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