Married At First Sight: Sean shares his side of the story

'Andrew was out of control.'

Sean is fast becoming the hero of Married At First Sight.

At last night’s dinner party he came to the rescue of Cheryl again, standing up for her as the other grooms tried to play down the comments made during the boys’ night.

“I felt really uncomfortable,” Sean, 34, tells TV WEEK. “Let’s just say if I was at a pub back home, I would have walked out,” he explains.

Sean took particular offence over a comment made about Cheryl and Andrew’s first wife Lauren, which he raised again at last night’s dinner party.

“That was too much,” Sean admits. “What I didn’t like was the fact that the girls weren’t there to defend themselves.”

Despite the behaviour of the other grooms, excluding Simon, who also tried to come to Cheryl’s defence, Sean spoke his mind, calling out the boys on their bad behaviour.

“I tried sticking up for them (Cheryl and Lauren), but I’d get shut down,” Sean admits.

For Sean’s full story on what really happened on the boys’ night out, pick up a copy of our current issue of TV WEEK, on sale now.

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