Bite Club’s Marny Kennedy nearly landed a role on Home and Away

'When I didn't get the role, I hit rock bottom'
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She’s turning heads as a pro surfer who’s attacked by a shark in Nine Network’s new drama series Bite Club.

But Marny Kennedy could have been hitting the beach in Summer Bay if things had gone differently.

“When I was about 21, a role in Home And Away came up,” the 24-year-old tells TV WEEK.

“I’d never lent toward the Home And Away sort of role, but I hadn’t worked for so long, so I went for it. I didn’t end up getting it.”

The disappointment of missing out hit the young actress hard.

“I’d flown to Sydney and caught up with my cousin who lives here,” she recalls.

“He was so excited about the idea of me joining him, so when I didn’t get the role, I hit rock bottom.”

Playing Amber in Bite Club is a dream come true for Marny.

Since then, Marny’s career has taken off.

She played a young Noelene Hogan in Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story in 2017 and has also starred in Janet King and Underbelly Files: Chopper.

Now, it’s Home And Away that has come knocking!

“Since Hoges and getting back into the industry, Home And Away has approached me for different roles, which is really flattering,” Marny says.

“An offer to be in Home And Away came up recently – at the same time as I was waiting to hear about a role in Bite Club. I definitely wanted Bite Club, but it was funny how close it could have been.”

The actress feels like her career is finally going swimmingly.

For now, Marny couldn’t be happier starring as promising young surfer Amber Wells in Bite Club.

“This is something I’m very proud of,” Marny says. “I really hope Australian audiences embrace it. It’s easily one of my favourite shows to work on.”

Marny joins Bite Club’s star studded line up, including fellow actors Todd Lasance, Ash Ricardo, and Lord of The Ring’s Dominic Monaghan.

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