Home and Away's hot new romance: Could this be love for Jasmine and Robbo?

Is it love at last for the Summer Bay pair?

By Tamara Cullen
Since her arrival in Summer Bay, Jasmine has attracted plenty of suitors. But no-one is yet to win her heart.
This week in Home And Away, however, potential love comes unexpectedly for the bubbly nurse when she goes on a date with Robbo (Jake Ryan). The unlikely pair have become friends recently as Robbo attempts to integrate into the community.
Despite being cleared of the criminal charges he faced, the reformed federal officer has struggled to get back on his feet. But Jasmine (Sam Frost) is determined to help.
Robbo finds it easy to talk to Jasmine.
"Jasmine has been so supportive and he's surprised by their connection," Jake, 34, tells TV WEEK.
"He finds it easy to open up to Jaz. It's something he's always had a problem with, especially with people in the Bay."
Sam, 29, adds: "Jaz has had a bit of a rocky ride in the romance department lately, so she doesn't want to complicate things.
"She's finally settled in the Bay, she's working and enjoying living with Irene. She's in a happy place."
Later that night, a nervous Jasmine arrives at the Diner and insists she and Robbo pay separately for their meals. Her erratic behaviour throws Robbo, whose intention was merely to have a mates dinner. He tells her he's already paid for the meals, leaving Jasmine concerned.
"She's never thought of Robbo in that way, so she's worried," Sam explains.
But is it really just a friendly dinner? It certainly feels like more!
Is Robbo ready to move on from Kat?
As the night wears on, the pair chat openly about their pasts and engage in some flirty banter. Irene (Lynne McGranger), watching from afar, can't help but think there's more to their friendship than Jasmine realises.
"His attraction to Jaz takes Robbo by surprise and he tries very hard to put a lid on it," Jake says.
Not only does Robbo think it's too soon after Kat (Pia Miller), but he's friends with Jasmine's ex, Colby (Tim Franklin).
On the beach the next day, however, Robbo spots Jasmine walking nearby and it dawns on him how much he feels for her.
The big question is, does she feel the same way?
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