Cheryl was disappointed in the relationship boot camp

I was unsure about a few things.

Cheryl and Andrew agreed to undergo a ‘relationship boot camp’ as a last attempt to get things back on track. After tonight’s episode, it seems they might be beyond saving.

“We went and talked to John for some advice,” Cheryl tells TV WEEK. “We realised it was kind of the week to make us or break us.”

While she was willing to give things a go, Cheryl admits she had her doubts.

“I was unsure about a few things we had to do and how it would benefit us,” she says.

Yet in order to give their relationship another chance she went through with it.

“You know, some people start off a relationship really bad, some start off really good – every relationship is different,” Cheryl explains.

“We didn’t have anything to lose, so I thought why not? We both knew we could get along. So I had a little hope.”

So will Cheryl and Andrew ever work things out? The verdict is still out!

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