EXCLUSIVE: Block champs Josh and Elyse on why winning felt uncomfortable

They also spoke engagement rings and future renos…
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Is one half of The Block 2017’s winning couple, Josh Barker, about to dash out for an engagement sparkler now that he and model girlfriend of four years, Elyse Knowles, are $547,000 richer?

“Not likely,” chuckle the pair, who talked to OK! the day after they took out the show’s 13th season.

“We aren’t into splurging,” says Elyse, 24.

“We’re going to look for another house, though,” adds Josh, 28.

Here, the now-mortgage-free Melburnians talk about their bittersweet win and couple goals…

The young couple are $547,000 richer after taking out the competition.

Congratulations, guys! What are you going to do with all that money?

Elyse: We’re looking at buying our next home, so now we’ll be able to afford something bigger and in a better location.

Josh: We’ll be renovating again within the next six months.

What was it like in the room with the other contestants as the auctions played out?

Elyse: It was really intense. They actually didn’t show it, but everyone was in tears.

Josh and Elyse came out on top, after competing against the four other couples.

Was it hard to celebrate your win?

Elyse: It was quite hard to celebrate. We just kept a lid on it because our friends, who have kids and worked just as hard as us, hadn’t achieved what they wanted to achieve, but they are grateful for what they got.

Did you end up making peace with your rivals Ronnie and Georgia in the end?

Elyse: Definitely. It was a hard conversation to have, because there was a bit of rivalry and back and forth, but we felt sorry for them, and everyone… they all deserved good winnings.

The fan faves won the most room reveals in the comp, a total of six all up.

Has The Block experience changed your relationship at all?

Elyse: We are stronger now. More tolerant and understanding of each other’s breaking points.

Will we see you both on TV again?

Elyse: We’re keeping all options open.

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