The Block smashed a record during auction

Josh Barker and Elyse Knowles’ winning house was the most expensive home to ever sell on the reality series.

By Erin Miller
Talk about pulling in the big bucks!
When the hammer fell on Josh and Elyse’s auction on The Block, they became the team that has sold the most expensive property in the show’s history.
Their home sold for $3.067 million – giving the young Melbourne couple a $447,000 profit.
When they became the eventual series winner, they netted another $100,000 taking their prize money to a total of $547,000.
The house was the first property that has ever smashed the $3 million mark on The Block.
“Coming on The Block we just wanted to do our best and build the best house we could - it didn’t have to be the best house on The Block,” Josh, 28, says.
“I think we’ve broken a few records, but at the same time we were just doing what we love and quality sells.”
The previous record for the most expensive home sold on the reality series was Will and Karlie’s Port Melbourne apartment, which won the previous season and was sold for $2.6 million.
“It’s amazing to sell for over $3 million,” The Block host Scott Cam, 54, says.
“We always knew these houses had that potential and really, they should have all gone over $3 million.
“They’re very similar in style, but you’ve got to build the perfect home and attract buyers with that sort of coin to make that kind of money.”
Josh and Elyse weren’t the only couple to sell their home for over $3 million.
Melbourne couple Jason and Sarah also sold their house for $3.007 million.

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