“I just want to give her a hug!” James Trethewie says he really misses Sophie Monk

Grab the tissues, get some ice cream and get ready to ugly-cry for this heart-wrenching exit chat with the human unicorn that is James Trethewie.
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It’s fair to say the entire country is NOT OK with Sophie Monk‘s surprising decision to send home our new national treasure, James Trethewie, on The Bachelorette Australia last night.

And no one was more shocked than the 31-year-old himself, who tells us he’s still coming to terms with the brutal break-up.

Oh Jimmy, you were just too pure for the Bachelorette world.

In this exclusive exit chat, the broken-hearted financial advisor talks to us about the other love story in his life, why he thinks he came fifth and the unlikely punter he has picked for first place.

Take it away, beautiful Jimmy…

We all fell in love with the charming Manly local.

James Trethewie, 31, financial advisor

James, the whole country is gutted and we feel like we’re sharing this heartbreak with you. How are you holding up?

The same! The shock you guys are feeling is exactly how I’m feeling. I’m good, like I got more closure from it watching it and hearing the reasons but I didn’t know what happened. So watching it really helped with that.

I was good but it’s just been this last week, having to unpack and get back in there. That’s been tough! But it’s all good.

The nation is shocked you came fifth, most people thought you’d come second for sure. Do you think Soph sent you home early to protect you and prevent a major fall-out with viewers as you’re the firm fave?

You never know how someone’s feeling. We certainly had a lot of chemistry and great conversations.

Even at the cocktail party that night it was all good, so there was a lot of positive momentum. The only real sign for me was this group date challenge where that guy said we were not compatible.

I kind of look at that and laugh it off, this guy doesn’t know me… It’s not even a serious test! I was looking over and Jarrod was trying to copy to match Sophie so he was more of a match.

But then there was a seed of doubt in my mind like, “s—, I could be going home now!” I was genuinely worried, I think that part of me would like to think she’s protecting me from that end stage. Maybe she’s already made her mind up now and she doesn’t want to put me through all of that?

If that’s the case, I’m stoked and grateful because it gets even harder.

“I think that part of me would like to think she’s protecting me from that end stage,” James says.

Let’s talk about that stupid pie chart of doom, do you think that was really your undoing? What you guys had on that date was streets ahead of that bloody test!

Oh my god, 100%! For me it was very real and I think watching it back was very real and you can see the chemistry. Even just how we are when we talk to each other. There’s so much there and I think that’s why I laughed off this pie chart thing!

The “too serious” thing, I was the least serious guy in the house. I’ve got photos of me cracking up between scenes and everyone was trying to get me to be serious. I guess the organised thing and her reasoning is that someone who is more organised than her will get sick of that element of her.

I think she’s thinking long-term and thinking it might drive me crazy. I get it, it’s OK!

What are your thoughts on Sophie’s Instagram post off the back of your beautiful one last explaining why she broke up with you and that you’d “do her head in?”

I’ve got nothing but positive love and respect for her! She’s an amazing and beautiful person inside and out. For me, I’m sorry for writing an essay on Instagram but I had to do it.

I think I’ve taken everyone on this journey with me, you don’t have to read it but I thought by unpacking how I was feeling, it can’t be edited, it can’t be cut out, you can just share it with people. It was quite nice to do it.

It was great to see her actually come out, respond and say something. We haven’t spoken since but I’d be stoked if we could be friends! It’s just nice to get some sort of feedback.

Sophie didn’t say anything to you last night when she sent you home or was there a convo we didn’t see?

No, I didn’t get anything. I walked away a bit confused. I got the, “there’s the right girl out there for you.”

And then I said my part so I think for the past six weeks, I’ve kind of just had to read into it that it was the [compatibility] test. If it just wasn’t there for her, it wasn’t there.

We’re blaming this stupid pie chart for EVERYTHING.

What about the rest of the series, was there anything between you and Sophie that didn’t make it to air?

There were quite few nice conversations along the way and a lot of fun, too. We didn’t have a lot of cocktail parties this season and there were times when I hosted a game show with Apollo.

Even on that last night I did a mind-reading trick with Apollo and Soph. We had a lot of laughter and fun but I think there was just so much content, it could have just gone forever.

We need to ask about the other stunning love story from this season, and that’s you and Apollo. We don’t think we’ll ever get over the moment you two bonded with your toy bunnies!

It was too funny! For me, I’d connected with him in the house. Believe it or not, he was training me in the gym as well. He taught me a bit of his ninja stuff so we became really close cause we’re actually really similar and get along quite well.

With the gift from home, I guess I had walls up still to protect myself. For me, that just cut me to the core. Then finding out that he’s got a bunny as well and he’s sitting next to me and we’re laughing about being two grown men in onesies, it was ridiculous!

I was like, “Oh! We haven’t even introduced our bunnies. He’s like, “Oh, no we haven’t!” So that’s when I grabbed mine and [my bunny] Jason was like, “Hello!” and putting them together.

What about Jarrod? Sophie has defended him a bit in the media lately – what do you think of him?

Everybody in the house is nice but I think you can only blame the editing so far. People say and do things that can’t be edited and there’s parts of your personality you need to own and accept that’s who you are.

It’s just an intense environment. If there’s any insecurities, they can play out. If you’re not grounded within yourself, you can get caught up.

And can we grab your thoughts on the other lads – Blake, Apollo and Stu?

Apollo, he’s like sunshine! Stu’s just a legend, an all-round legend. And Blake’s a legend too, I know he’s got this ego thing and at least he’s being true to himself so I give him that.

Who are you picking to take home that final rose?

I think you can read between the lines but I wouldn’t write off Apollo. He and Sophie are very fond of each other and I think she adores him too and they get along very well.

We’ve read that people are proposing to you online, what’s been the weirdest crack on from someone?

I’m getting people sending videos saying, “Hey! I’m cooking us dinner.” And filming the food they’re preparing for me. It’s pretty cool, there’s cakes with icing.

Also videos of them filming their man and I’ve shown them how to build a fire and they’re doing it in real life. It’s been really cool!

There’s a lot of messages there but I’ve been laying low and I didn’t want to give away the ending.

WATCH: James and Sophie share a kiss. Post continues below…

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The 31-year-old would happily be the 2018 Bachelor but won’t be putting his hand up for Bachelor in Paradise.

Are you open to dating again? And would you try apps, another reality TV show or just the good old-fashioned real world?

I wouldn’t do the apps. I’ve tried them in the past and I’m awful at it.

I’m open to dating, I haven’t been looking. I wouldn’t do Bachelor in Paradise, no. But in terms of Bachelor next year, I think it’s just timing. If work is OK with it and I can do it and if I’m not seeing someone, I wouldn’t say no! I’d be open to it.

What’s next for you Jimmy? You have to mend this broken heart first but what does the rest of the year look like for you?

Do what I do best! I get out there and do adventure, nature, surfing, hiking, yoga. The stuff that makes me me, and hanging out with my friends. That’s just it for me! Knuckle down at work and get back on with life.

What about your feelings towards Sophie, what would you say if you saw her now?

I just want to give her a big hug and thank her for everything. I mean, she gave me the greatest gift and that’s conquering your biggest fear.

Coming off the back of that date, I was on such a high and felt like I could do anything. That’s the greatest gift you could get. I just want to me good mates with her!

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