Is Debra Lawrance joining Neighbours?

This clue suggests so!
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A slip-up by former Home And Away star Debra Lawrance has sent fans into a frenzy!

A group of super sleuths uncovered a big hint about her next role on the star’s online CV – the latest addition to her resume credits Debra as Liz Conway on Neighbours.

The entry has since been deleted (VERY telling!), but not before fans picked up on the news.

“Debra Lawrance has been rumoured to be coming to #neighbours for ages and now we finally have confirmation of who she will be playing,” one fan tweets. “Can’t say I’m disappointed!”

Another adds: “Soap swaps are nothing new but Debra Lawrance on #Neighbours is newsworthy!”

The TV WEEK Logie Award winner is rumoured to be heading to Ramsay Street!

Debra’s role on Please Like Me garnered plenty of praise.

Should the news prove true, it seems the Conways are in Erinsborough to stay. Elly Conway’s (Jodi Anasta) half-sister Beatrix’s (Bonnie Anderson) arrival was announced just this week and hopefully, Liz won’t be far behind.

The mother of Elly and Bea and the sister of Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne), Liz would certainly have her work cut out for her in Erinsborough, especially with Karl’s life hanging in the balance and a rebellious daughter in town!

“She’s kind of fun, she’s cheeky [and] she’s a little bit naughty,” 23-year-old Bonnie says of her character, Bea.

It won’t be the first we’ve seen of Liz. She previously appeared in Ramsay Street in the early 2000s, then played by Christine Keogh.

Debra was a Summer Bay favourite for nearly 20 years!

Pippa and Michael Ross on Home And Away.

Debra Lawrance’s recent credits include her TV WEEK Logie Award winning role of Rose in Josh Thomas’ critically acclaimed series Please Like Me and a stint on Channel Nine’s House Husbands.

However, it was her role as Summer Bay stalwart Pippa Ross that won hearts across Australia. Before her rumoured casting in Neighbours, Debra hadn’t ruled out a return to the Channel Seven soap.

“If they needed Pippa that desperately to try and attempt to replace her again then I would probably go back,” she told in 2016.

“I look completely different now though. I’ve got blonde hair and I don’t think they could see Pippa being a blonde and I’m not dying it red again for anybody!”

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