I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2018 cast predictions

Paging any on-hand oracles?
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Another year, another batch of national treasures are being thrown into the jungle for I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

While there is no official word on which stars will be entering the jungle, Channel Ten have provided us with 11 clues about 12 stars.

We’ve tried our very hardest to get Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown to spill, but no tucker trial in the world could get them to give up the names of your 2018 cast.

Never fear, because Now To Love have channelled their very best John Edwards.

And after looking into our crystal ball, we might have cracked who is starring on season four of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, which will premiere on Network Ten on Sunday, January 28th at 7.30pm.

These two certainly have something wild in store for us!

Two Aussie icons in the middle of Australia’s biggest feuds will have to live together in the jungle

Our guess: Anthony Mundine and Danny Green

The trailer teased, “Two feuding celebrities: Two celebrities in the middle of Australia’s biggest feud will be heading into the jungle.”

“This Australian duo are used to clashing in real life, but what will happen when they are forced to live alongside one another in the unpredictable African terrain?”

The Daily Telegraph claims the arch enemies are none other than boxing rivals Anthony Mundine and Danny Green.

According to the publication Anthony, 42, and Danny, 44, are among the two big stars lined up to appear on the reality TV show, which is filmed in the South African jungle near Kruger National Park.

Danny Green and Anthony Mundine

The sports star’s beef boasts a robust history and the pair have come face-to-face in the ring twice over the past decade in the most profitable Aussie pay-per-view events ever.

While some fans think it could be Kyle Sandilands and Rove McManus

Other predictions for the arch rivals so far include Grant Denyer and Daryl Sommers or Kyle Sandilands and his ultimate enemy Rove McManus.

Dr Chris Brown, who doesn’t find out out about the cast until days before the series airs in January, has speculated that the clue could be about politicians.

“There are a few politicians who have found themselves suddenly either out of work or with a lot more free time and a lot of them have been feuding,” the former Bondi vet mused.

Or Grant Denyer and Daryl Somers…

Jacqui Lambie’s name has popped up quite a bit… One thing is certain, she’d make great TV.

“I think they are probably the most likely way of giving us another (radio shock jock) Steve Price kind of situation.”

“Politicians always speak in very well-controlled sound bites, so I like the idea of one of them being in the jungle and having to be accountable for every ­single word they say, and not being able to hide ­behind pre-prepared statements.”

Chris doesn’t want to dismiss the possibility of feuding sporting stars – which could lend itself to Anthony and Danny.

“The way the clue reads, I thought more entertainment or politics, but I have been looking on social media and a lot of people have been picking up sporting feuds and there are some pretty iconic sporting feuds, and the word is ‘iconic’.”

Pop sensation

Our pick: Paulini or Ricki-Lee

Ten shared, “This person is known only known by their first name.”

While there’s the remarkable famous Sia, Kylie, honourary Aussie Pink, we have two names in mind:

Paulini and Ricki-Lee

Paulini, 35, has been prominent in the media following her run-in with the law.

Both Paulini and Ricki-Lee were in the pop group Young Divas.

The singer admitted she was “at rock bottom” when she bribed a government employee to obtain an unrestricted driver’s license, according to court documents.

Paulini Curuenavuli, who shot to fame on Australian Idol in 2003, was originally given a six-month suspended jail term in December after pleading guilty to paying an official $850 for a fake license, but had her sentence handed down to a good behaviour bond.

Legally her good behaviour bond shouldn’t restrict her from heading to South Africa.

Speaking about her “foolish” decision to commit the crime, the singer confessed, “I went through a very traumatic breakup from a tumultuous relationship,” as documented in a letter to the courts, obtained by The Daily Telegraph.

This could be a fresh start for the songstress.

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“I am embarrassed to say this was not the first relationship I had been in involving domestic violence and low self-esteem … In addition to the breakdown of my relationship, my failed album release had cost me savings and the relationship with the record label.”

The former star of The Bodyguard musical claims she was at an all-time low in her career “where [her] confidence and finances were equally bleak”.

“I was at rock bottom and couldn’t see a way through it.”

Her fall from grace and potential TV comeback would undoubtedly make her a dream contestant…

Plus she’s a friend of Channel Ten – home to Idol and she dropped by last year for Have You Been Paying Attention.

Ricki-Lee Coulter is another firm fave.

But alas, Paulini isn’t the only Australian Idol alum whose name has been thrown into the ring.

Yes, we’re talking about fellow Young Diva Ricki-Lee Coulter.

Fans have speculated it could be Ricki-Lee, who has featured on her fair share of reality programs include Dancing With The Stars.

She definitely fits the bill and the 32-year-old has no problem fueling the rumours.

The singer recently took to Facebook posting a lengthy message to her fans – essentially saying she’s been indulging in yummy food and little exercise but she’s “about to start PAYING for it!”

It’s no secret you eat close to nada (800 calories worth of food on a good day) food while in the jungle.

Tennis star

Bernard Tomic is our man for the job!

Ten teases: “This world famous player will be at breaking point.”

While names like Lleyton Hewitt, Pat Rafter and Mark Philippoussis might be wafting around, there is just one that we believe could truly be a contender.

A drum roll please for the hugely controversial, part-time sports star, part-time brat: Bernard Tomic.

Firstly, it’s not like he has any work commitments after failing in the Australian Open.

The 25-year-old did tell reporters that he turned down the opportunity for to partake in a Wildcard because he’s too busy “counting his millions”… And those “millions” could be payment for his appearance on the reality show.

Busy counting that cold hard cash, eh?

Meanwhile, Australian tennis legend Roger Rasheed let it slip that the troubled player would appear on I’m a Celeb.

“He’s a lost soul,” Rasheed told Triple M.

“He’s made those comments before – I think we’ll see him make a few in the Jungle.”

Dr Chris Brown is all for it.

Last year he confessed, “If somehow we could get Bernard Tomic into the jungle, I’d be stoked. If he is in any way involved, I would be very happy.”

Season three’s runner-up Dane Swan has also weighed in an open letter to Fox Sports.

The AFL star came in second place.

“If he thinks playing tennis at Wimbledon is boring, the celebrity jungle probably isn’t the place for him,” Dane writes.

“As for Bernard’s tennis career, and possibly missing the Australian Open or other tournaments to go to the jungle and all that, I couldn’t really give a s*** because he’s playing an individual sport.”

“If he goes on the show he’ll discover it’s not about the individual.”

“I could only imagine that Tomic might want to go in there to improve how he’s perceived because a lot of people (definitely not all of them) come out with a better reputation because people get to see the real them.”

“But I would imagine if Bernard is exactly like he is on the tennis court it’s probably not going to improve much. The cash is one thing but it’ll be the hardest thing he ever does. It was for me.”

His full letter is here.

Iconic Aussie comedian

Attention: Glenn Robbins

The clue tells us, “This much loved comedian married into one of Australia’s most famous families.”

It HAS to be Aussie superstar Glenn Robbins.

Why you ask?

Glenn Robbins, 60, is one of the nation’s biggest comedic stars.

Look at me Kath and Kim fans: Kel Knight was married to the nation’s foxiest mama Kath Day-Knight.

Plus, the actor is reprising his role as Russell Coight on the hugely popular Channel Ten show All Aussie Adventures.

We rest our case.

Kel AND Russell Coight is just what the jungle needs.

World champion

Swimming into the front of our minds is Ian Thorpe

“This person has a sense of social justice .”

To be honest, when we first heard this clue we instantly thought boxer Danny Green…

But he’s already covered off with feuding mate Anthony Mundine.

Racking our brains, it hit us!

Who’s been on the forefront of social change: Ian Thorpe.

The 35-year-old has won five Olympic gold medals(the most by any Aussie), and he was a fierce warrior who campaigned for Same Sex Marriage.

A champion in every sense… We’re gunning for some Thropedo action.

Iconic Australian actor

Literally anyone from the cast of SeaChange…

The moment Ten unveiled the clue, “This famous Australian is ready for a tree change,” it instantly clicked…

It has be a cast member from SeaChange, and more importantly when you see them, you think of that show.

Are these guys ready for a sea change in the jungle, perhaps?

The ABC hit starred:

Sigrid Thornton – possible candidate.

David Wenham – very unlikely.

William McInnes – maybe…

John Howard – we’re feeling very warm!

Kerry Armstrong – she’s our pick! Kerry is already a part of the Ten family, starring on The Wrong Girl!

We’ve got our eye on Kerry.

Aussie rocker

We’re praying for Nollsy

According to Ten, “This Aussie legend has had album and single sales in excess of one million.”

If you go snooping around the internet traps, you’re left with four contenders.

We’re gunning for it to be Shannon Noll. He’s had his highs, he’s had oh so many lows and he make ripper viewing.

Then you have your legends like Jimmy Barnes and Diesel, but there is surprise entrant who’d like to enter themselves.

Dear God, please let it be Shazza.

Meanwhile Brian Mannix, aka the former lead singer of 1980s band Uncanny X-Men, has been trolling his Instagram feed with hilarious I’m a Celeb-themed posts.

To be fair, he also thinks he’s on the new season of Married At First Sight and Prince George.

AFL champion

Giving the boot to Jason Akermanis

When Ten said, “This premiership-winning player is known for hair raising play,” Jason Akermanis came to mind.

The AFL great has won three premierships.

Will Jason Akermanis be making his mark in the jungle?

Australia’s stand-up Queen

Too many! Let’s start with Denise Drysdale

The clue reads, “The Queen of Comedy has a lot to talk about.”

Quite frankly that is EVERY female comic.

“The comedy spot is a very coveted role in that they’ve got to provide ­humour in some very tough situations and some have found it incredibly difficult and some have really relished it,” Dr Chris admitted.

We’re guessing Ten will look to their regular contributors – someone they can trust with the giggles.

Since our comedic Queen Julia Morris is already entering the jungle, we’re think the choices look a little like this:

  • Fiona O’Loughlin

  • Denise Scott

  • Denise Drysdale

  • Celeste Barber

  • Kitty Flanagan

TV star

God we hope it’s Fran Drescher but it’s probably Elyse Knowles

“This lovable princess know how to keep it real.”

Who could it be?

There had been rumblings that Fran Drescher would be joining the gang, but the clue seems too basic for SUCH a legend.

New reports also suggest Caitlyn Jenner, but once again the clue doesn’t have enough gravitas.

Fran Drescher is one of the names rumoured to feature on the reality show!

With all the Kardashian babies popping out, some time in jungle could be cathartic for Caitlyn.

According to the Daily Star, reality queen Vicky Pattison has signed up for the series.

The Brit is famous for her time on shows like Geordie Shore and winning the UK series of I’m a Celeb.

A source close to Vicky said, “This is a very big deal. It will give her the chance to reach a whole new audience and prove she can be a hit outside of the UK.”

Vicky already has one I’m a Celeb crown under her belt.

Someone of Vicky’s status may be dropped later in the series.

Focusing closer to home, filling the “babe” quota could be former Block contestant Elyse Knowles.

She and her main man Josh Barker took out the most recent season, and she could be gunning for another reality TV win.

And if people like Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate have taught us anything – back-to-back reality TV shows are always a good idea.

Josh and Elyse won The Block 2017.

Best-selling author

Scratching head and taking a punt Ros Reines

Talk around the water cooler has dropped Ros Reines’ name.

She certainly ticks all the boxes: tabloids, secrets, books.

Ros has taken to Twitter to address the whispers, saying, “I do fancy an exotic hol but I’m not going to Africa – few people have asked…”

This is a very classic tactic known as “throwing the scent off.”

All our questions will be answered on Sunday, January 28 at 7.30pm, when season four of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! premieres.

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