EXCLUSIVE: Jarrod Woodgate and Keira Maguire are in love and getting married

We’re hailing it the rebound romance of the century!

Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate have finally found love on new show Bachelor in Paradise - and it turns out it's with each other!
That's right, the pair were busted having a red-hot pashfest on the set of The Bachelor spin-off series, and sources tell NW that Keira and Jarrod have wasted no time in making things official, with each confessing to the other that they're in love.
"They couldn't keep their hands off one another - not even when the cameras were switched off," says the onlooker.
"They're [definitely] the real deal."
NW's on-set spy reveals the couple slipped away from the Mango Bay Resort to the InterContinental in Fiji for some sneaky "alone time" on November 28 - their second date in as many weeks!
"Things were pretty hot and heavy between Keira and Jarrod," says the source.
"It's obvious their chemistry has only intensified as they spent more time with each other."
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This is a dream come true for the couple, especially Jarrod, 31, who up until a month ago was still heartbroken and struggling to get over being dumped by former Bachelorette Sophie Monk in her series finale.
"Jarrod truly believed he was in love with Sophie, but after meeting Keira, his whole life has turned upside down," says our source.
The lovers are said to be smitten - so much so, our snitch reckons they'll make it all the way down the aisle!
The secret new couple have fallen hard for one another.
"Keira's always wanted a husband and kids... That's the whole reason she signed up for the show."
But for now, they'll need to keep their romance under wraps until the show airs early next year.
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