Ziggy’s revenge romance with Dean heats up on Home and Away

A birthday surprise turns to fireworks for Ziggy and Dean
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Twenty-first birthdays are a time of excitement, but for Home and Away’s Ziggy, the momentous occasion isn’t worth celebrating. That is until, a steamy kiss promises to turn her special day around.

Still heartbroken over her split from cheating husband Brody (Jackson Heywood), Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) wants to wallow in her room alone rather than party with friends.

Ben (Rohan Nichol) tries his best to get the young mechanic out of the house, finally convincing his reluctant daughter to go for a surf.

Down by the beach, Ziggy and Ben run into Dean (Patrick O’Connor). Realising the date and Ziggy’s terrible mood, Dean resolves to brighten the occasion.

Ziggy is heartbroken by her husband Brody’s affair with Simone (Image: Channel Seven).

Shortly after Dean appears at the Surf Club, he demands that Ziggy get into his car – he has a surprise in store. When they pull up at a caravan park, he has a case of beer and a cupcake waiting for her. Amused by her friend’s efforts, Ziggy is glad of the distraction.

“She’s definitely just trying to do whatever she can to keep going,” Sophie, 25, tells TV WEEK.

Thanks to Dean, Ziggy’s foul mood is completely turned around. As the afternoon turns into night, tension builds between the friends, their close bond becoming all the more obvious.

Tension builds between Dean and Ziggy (Image: Channel Seven).

A few drinks down, Dean heads into his caravan to fetch Ziggy some water, but she decides to follow and pulls him into a passionate kiss.

Although shocked, Dean kisses her back. But as she mumbles that she wants to forget everything, Dean falters and pulls away – this isn’t right.

Horrified by the rejection, Ziggy bolts from Dean’s embrace.

Will she have any luck with love?

Ziggy and Dean kiss (Image: Channel Seven).

Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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