What’s in store for Game of Thrones Season 8?

The wildest theories about how the show will end.
Game Of Thrones

Could Jaime be the one to kill his twin sister? (Image: HBO)

With Game of Thrones Season 7 wrapping up this week, fans are now switching focus to the eighth and final season.

Though it may not premiere until 2019, that’s not stopping people from coming up with thoughts about how the epic series will end.

Here are some of the craziest theories doing the rounds…

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Cersei will die at the hands of…

Power-hungry queen Cersei received a disturbing prophecy as a teen, which featured in the book and the show. She was told: “Three [children] for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.” With valonqar translating to “little brother”, Cersei probably thinks her physically smaller (and younger) brother Tyrion will be the one to kill her, while fans have pointed out that Jaime, though her twin, is also younger than Cersei so it might be he who finally tires of her scheming and ends it once and for all.

But now that she is pregnant, fans have been speculating that her new baby (the “little brother” of her first three kids) might be the one to end her life during childbirth – poetically, the same way Tyrion “killed” their mother.

Jon will have to kill his one true love

Another prophecy that drives the show is the one of Azor Ahai, or “the prince that was promised”. While the identity of this mystical figure is not yet known, many fans believe it is Jon Snow. Basically, Azor Ahai is the chosen one who will end up defeating the army of the dead – but it will come at a cost. See, he wields a magical sword called Lightbringer, but before it reaches its full power, the prophecy says he will have to drive the blade through the heart and soul of his beloved. And if Jon is Azor Ahai, that person is seemingly his new love (and aunty) Daenerys. Sniff!

Bran’s real identity

Many viewers have been speculating over who Bran really is. Yes, we know he’s the Three-Eyed Raven – he told us enough times. But there are two main theories as to who else he is. The first theory says that in his efforts to stop the White Walkers, he wargs himself back in time in repeated attempts to change the future, and in one time-travelling adventure he somehow becomes the Night King. Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the Night King and Bran wear the exact same outfit, but there’s not a lot of other evidence yet. The second theory goes the other way entirely. Reddit user Thefinalnights suggests that “Bran Stark is the Lord of Light, living in an alternate future timeline where the Others/White Walkers have taken over the planet as predicted would happen in ancient prophecies. I suggest that there’s an alternate timeline where these prophecies come true and that a version of Bran Stark is alive in that dark future. From that position in time, he is influencing events in the past to prevent that dark future from becoming a reality.” Again, there’s no hard evidence to suggest this. But maybe it’s just crazy enough to be true.

Jaime is more important than we realise

Ever since losing his hand and with it, his epic swordfighting skills, the Kingslayer’s purpose has been a little unclear. He’s mostly just been Cersei’s guard dog (and baby daddy) but it seems that there’s something bigger at play for Jaime Lannister. One theory, by Reddit user Byrd82 suggests that “Jaime has been on a redemptive journey, from “Kingslayer” to “Jaime,” that syncs up with the Valonqar, Prince that was Promised, and Azor Ahai prophecies,” the Redditor told Paste magazine. “This journey began when Jaime lost his hand – a potent symbol of the Kingslayer persona. Jaime’s transformation will ultimately lead to Cersei’s death at his hand. At that time, his identity as the hero will be revealed when his sword hand returns, set ablaze, as a weapon he can wield against the White Walkers.”

How are we possibly going to wait until 2019 to see if any of these theories are true?!

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