Home and Away: Ziggy fears something is wrong with baby Izzy!

But is she overreacting?
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Life as new parents has been a steep learning curve for Ziggy and Dean in Home And Away.

This week, they’re tested yet again when baby Izzy appears to be sick.

In recent episodes, mechanic Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) has struggled to connect with her infant daughter, with a lack of sleep sending her into a spiral.

Now, however, she’s getting the hang of it.

Although the steps she’s taking are small, she’s gaining in confidence.

The new mum’s instincts are in overdrive.

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”It’s a very real depiction of what happens to many new mums – they’re tired, unsure, scared and hormonal,” Sophie, 30, tells TV WEEK.

”I felt really honoured telling this story. Women are superheroes.”

When Izzy is unusually fussy, Ziggy senses something is wrong.

Dean is supportive but worries his partner may be overreacting.

But Ziggy won’t back down and rushes her newborn to the hospital.

Doctor Bree tries to reassure Ziggy and Dean there’s nothing seriously the matter with baby Izzy.

(IMAGE: Seven)

At first, doctors send them home, unable to find anything wrong with Izzy and thinking Ziggy is overly concerned.

But overnight, little Izzy is no calmer.

Marching back into the hospital the next day, Ziggy orders the staff to do a thorough examination.

Doctor Bree (Juliet Godwin) can sense Ziggy’s stress and offers to help. Tests show that Izzy has a mild gastro bug – her mother’s concerns were valid after all.

”It [motherhood] changes Ziggy in every way,” Sophie says.

”They [she and Dean] now aren’t living for themselves, but for this perfect little creature.”

When Izzy was born Dean and Ziggy were all smiles.

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Back home, Ziggy is determined to keep Izzy safe and declares a house detox – from now on, it’s organic food, better hygiene and healthy living.

She even calls in Marilyn (Emily Symons) to cleanse the house of bad energy with crystals.

Despite himself, Dean’s patience wears thin and the couple get into a huge argument.

Is Ziggy doing the right thing or is she taking it too far?

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