Home And Away recap: Scarlett fever

Romance was on the cards for Justin and Scarlett.

Scarlett and Justin grow closer.


Just as things started heating up between Scarlett (Tania Nolan) and Justin (James Stewart), it fell apart just as quick on this week’s Home And Away.

After spending the day with Brody (Jackson Heywood), the pair can’t hide their chemistry anymore. After one too many drinks, they kiss! As they stumble back to Scarlett’s place, things heat up again until Justin calls her “Phoebe”. Way to kill the mood Justin!

He apologises profusely before passing out on the bed.

The next day, Scarlett finds Justin on the beach. Embarrassed, he snuck out of the van. Scarlett decides it’s best if they remain friends.

Has Justin ruined his chance?

Coco struggles to make friends.


Poor Coco (Anna Cocquerel) is still struggling to find her place in Summer Bay.

With constant taunts from Jennifer (Brittany Santariga) and followers, the young teen is becoming more insecure by the minute. To make matters worse, she puts on a brave front with her parents making them none the wiser.

This week, this gets worse when Coco binge-eats after another run-in at school. Except this time, she runs to the bathroom to purge.

Will someone help Coco before it’s too late?

Mason has a long road to recovery.


Mason (Orpheus Pledger) is awake! Hoorah!

Unfortunately, his injuries are so severe that doctors warned he may never walk again.

It was a crushing blow for the teen who managed to fight back from a near-death experience.

Thankfully, he was able to feel a small sensation in his leg giving him hope for the future.

Hang in there Mason!

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