Home And Away recap: Deadly warning

Ash is ambushed by drug dealer Zannis.

By Tamara Cullen
Ash is surrounded by Zannis and his thugs.
Relationships were tested and an old foe returned with a warning on this week's Home And Away.
Impulsive and rash behaviour put Ash (George Mason) in danger on Home And Away this week.
After policewoman Kat (Pia Miller) learnt drug dealer Zannis was responsible for the car crash that put Mason (Orpheus Pledger) and Brody (Jackson Heywood) in hospital, Ash swore to get justice.
But is he doing it to put the criminal behind bars, or is he finally showing his love for Tori (Penny McNamee)? We’re starting to think the latter!
Despite Kat’s demands to lay low, Ash calls in a connection to help find Zannis.
At an abandoned warehouse, he comes face-to-face with the drug dealer. But, they’re not alone. Zannis has brought his gang of thugs with him and they plan to leave a message for Brody and the police.
Run Ash, run!
Ash and Kat's strained relationship hits a wall.
Ash put out fires everywhere this week when he was accused of cheating on girlfriend Kat!
Poor Tori has struggled to keep it together while brother Mason’s life hangs in the balance. Noticing she’s not herself, Ash invites her over for dinner. Coincidentally, Kat isn’t at home. Be careful Ash…
While he’s cooking dinner, however, Tori falls asleep on the lounge. Ash lets her sleep and heads to bed himself.The next morning, Kat arrives home to see Tori walking out of the house wearing the same clothes she wore yesterday. To make matters worse, Ash is in nothing but a towel. In her rage, Kat slaps Ash across the face!
Ash assures Kat she is mistaken and expresses his love for her, but things are looking extremely dicey for this twosome!
Will this couple become parents?
Poor John (Shane Withington) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) aren’t having much luck in Summer Bay in at the moment.This week, the pair hit a snag with their adoption application. Due to John’s prior conviction of attempted arson, the application was denied. Any chance they have of becoming foster parents is over. Despite trying to look at the positives, Marilyn can’t hide her disappointment.
In a spontaneous moment, John suggests they try for a baby of their own. Marilyn labels the idea as “ridiculous” before storming off. Later, however, John reinforces the idea and Marilyn is left wondering whether it’s something she might want.
Will she say yes?

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