Meet Home And Away’s newest cast members for 2020

The Parata family are bringing their proud Maori culture to Summer Bay.
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When Home And Away returns to our screens this year fans can expect a few new faces – and a whole lot of drama!

Summer Bay’s newest residents, the Parata family, are set to cause quite a stir when they arrive in town.

Before they do, get to know the proud Maori family and the talented actors who play them.

Nikau Parata

Played by: Kawakawa Fox-Reo

Family relation: son of Gemma, nephew of Ari and Tane

Tell us a bit about your character…

Nikau is impulsive at times. He’s not shy with the girls at all and has a close relationship with his mum [Gemma]. Ultimately, as with any new environment, he’s trying to find his place in Summer Bay.

Did you always want to be an actor?

No, I wasn’t introduced to it properly until my last year of high school. My speech-and-drama teacher approached me to be a part of a musical. I ended up doing that and liking it, so I went to drama school.

Ari Parata

Played by: Rob Kipa-Williams

Family relation: uncle of Nikau, older brother of Tane, brother-in-law of Gemma

Ari has quite the introduction to Summer Bay – he’s caught in the horrific siege at the hospital!

He’d [accidentally] cut himself at work, goes to hospital and there he is, in the middle of the siege, sitting next to Marilyn [Emily Symons]! With the past Ari’s had, the situation doesn’t scare him too much.

How do you think fans will like the family?

I suspect we’re going to grow on them; people might liken us to the Braxtons. We’re a bit different; we bring a part of our [Maori] culture to the show – in a small way, but hopefully enough to give a glimpse of what we’re like behind closed doors.

Tane Parata

Played by: Ethan Browne

Family relation: uncle of Nikau, younger brother of Ari, brother-in-law of Gemma

Before acting, you were a civil engineer – how did you end up in Home And Away?

I’d wanted to be an actor since I was a kid, but didn’t have the guts to pursue it. When I left New Zealand to work in Brisbane, I thought, “No-one knows me here, I can do what I want.” I started taking night classes and fell in love with it [acting], then got into NIDA and now I’m here.

What do you think fans will think of the Parata family’s introduction to Summer Bay?

I think they’ll enjoy it. There’s a lot of drama, but it’s something different. We’re bringing a whole new culture to the show – something that hasn’t really been seen before on an Australian show.

Gemma Parata

Bree Peters is joining the cast of Home and Away in 2020.


Played by: Bree Peters

Family relation: mum of Nikau, sister-in-law to Ari and Tane

What’s it been like joining the cast?

Good! It’s like anything new, you get a bit nervous, but everyone’s been really lovely and welcoming. Being a new family on a show like Home And Away is great. New people to play and act with comes with a lot of excitement.

What is Gemma like?

I’ve modelled her on a lot of my friends back home – she’s a matriarch surrounded by boys. She’s the kind of mum on the sidelines of a rugby game, but also the one who will look after the girls. I literally just stole from all my friends’ personalities – I took all the best bits!

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