Meet Home And Away’s new bad girl Sarah Roberts

Summer Bay's newbie Sarah Roberts is no ordinary beach babe.
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From Bollywood to Hollywood and now Summer Bay, Home And Away newcomer Sarah Roberts is no stranger to the entertainment industry. In fact, the actress, singer and DJ is fast becoming a triple threat among her peers.

However, the prospect of fame and fortune isn’t on the mind of the rising star just yet.

“I haven’t really thought about fame,” she tells TV WEEK. “I’m just enjoying being on set and reading scripts at the moment. No-one knows who I am yet, but we’ll see what happens.”

Sarah, who plays sexy, leather-clad Willow in Home And Away, reveals she’s already had a small taste of the spotlight while filming on location at Sydney’s Palm Beach with co-star James Stewart.

Willow is not someone you want to mess with.

“It’s already weird to act in a bikini, and then to have people in the bushes take photos while you’re doing it is worse!” she laughs. “But I just try to forget they’re around. It’s all part of the job.”

It may be a sign of things to come, but the brunette beauty insists she won’t be fazed by tabloid rumours − particularly when it comes to her love life.

“Well, I don’t have a love life at the moment, so go bananas!” she jokes. “Help a girl out!”

Sarah, who is of Sri Lankan descent, was just a teenager when she discovered her passion for the arts. After graduating from high school, she left Melbourne and flew to Japan to play Princess Jasmine in a stage production of Aladdin.

Three years later, Sarah returned to Australia and landed small roles in Neighbours and Jack Irish.

It wasn’t long before Bollywood came calling. Sarah made it to the final round of SBS reality series Bollywood Star in 2012, but fell short of winning the crown.

Tough girl Willow made quite the impression on Justin (James Stewart)

“I worked really hard and got to the top four in Mumbai [in India],” she explains. “But Bollywood is incredibly hard work and the casting is tough. They tend to use a lot of the same actors.”

Choosing to try her luck in Hollywood instead, Sarah has since pursued jobs in both Los Angeles and Australia.

“There’s a massive push for ethnic diversity and women in Hollywood at the moment,” she says. “So I’d love to go back.”

For now, however, Sarah is happy to be home.“I feel settled,” she smiles. “The cast and crew of Home And Away are so welcoming. I used to watch Ray [Meagher, who plays Alf] on TV with my grandma when I was younger, so it was great to meet him.”

Sarah has already been compared to co-star Pia Miller, who plays tough policewoman Kat.

“I’ve heard the comparisons,” the actress admits. “Pia is absolutely beautiful, so I’m happy with that.”

But for now, Sarah is more than happy to walk in Willow’s shoes.

“It’s nice to play such a tough, dynamic and powerful character,” she explains.

“Willow has a lot of men around her, so it’s important for me to hold my own on set and do justice to her character. I’m quite similar to her in some ways.”

As for Willow’s future, Sarah remains tight-lipped. But she does hint that we should expect big things from the feisty female.

“She rode into town with a lot of power,” Sarah teases. “She’s definitely going to cause some mischief!”

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