Get to know Home And Away’s new guy, Lukas Radovich

He plays Alf's wild grandson.
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Most jobs are sink or swim when you’re starting out. Fresh out of the Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Lukas Radovich found himself in unfamiliar territory when he came to Home And Away’s Summer Bay.

“This is my first acting job,” the 22-year-old tells TV WEEK.

The newbie says the sheer pace of the shooting schedule on Home And Away took some getting used to.

“It was really overwhelming at the beginning,” Lukas says of his starting out. “That’s just because of the fast turnaround in shooting scenes and scripts you have to learn. Just learning the shorthand of that has been challenging, but super-interesting.

“It’s always cool to talk to editors and soundies and camera guys and learn as much as I can from them.”

Lukas is the first to admit every day in the Bay is a masterclass in acting. That’s because the youngster films many of his scenes with TV veterans – and TV WEEK Gold Logie Award winners – Georgie Parker and Ray Meagher.

“I feel like Georgie and Ray are the people who have made the most impact, and that’s partly because I’ve spent the most time with them,” Lukas enthuses.

“They’ve given me a wealth of knowledge, not just about the show, but the industry.”

Ray, especially, has shown Lukas the ropes. In the show, Lukas plays Ryder, the somewhat wild grandson of his character Alf.

“Ray really has given me a helping hand,” Lukas says. “He helps with making the script my own. He tells me they’re not just words on a page.”

Lukas on set

Strewth, that certainly is solid advice from the legend himself. Lukas just has to occasionally pinch himself to make sure he’s not dreaming.

“I can’t believe I’m working with Alf!” he beams.

Not surprisingly, the family is over the moon to be seeing Lukas on TV.

They must be doing something right at WAAPA – like Lukas, many of the graduates have found work in TV.

Anneliese Apps, who played Beth, was in Lukas’ year. As were former Packed To The Rafters star Angus McLaren, Love Child’s Sophia Forrest and A Place To Call Home’s George Pullar.And Lukas’ housemate is Brittany Santariga, who plays school bully Jennifer in Home And Away.

“It’s inspiring to see everyone doing so well,” Lukas says.

Proving he’s always been career-minded, Lukas worked in a talent agency before heading to acting school.

“I might go back to it,” he says. “But acting has always been a strong passion.”

As to that question that’s on every female fan’s lips, the answer is yes, Lukas is “happily single”. But for how long?

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