Say “Summer Bay!” We round up the sweetest behind-the-scenes photos from the Home And Away cast in 2020

A whole year of magical memories.
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Summer Bay may not technically be a real place but, all the cute snaps from the Home And Away cast have us wishing we lived there!

The almost always-sunny coastal town is home to some of our favourite characters. And when they’re not in character, the actors are often having fun on set, behind the scenes or out and about.

While we could pay a visit to the iconic filming location at Sydney’s Palm beach, it’s not quite the same as catching a glimpse of Ada Nicodemou and Penny McNamee having lunch, or newcomer Cameron Daddo hanging out with the cast.

We’ve rounded up our favourite photos for what life is like behind the scenes on Home And Away. Be warned, you’ll probably get a big dose of FOMO also known as ‘fear of missing out.’


penny ditch

We can’t get enough of this gorgeous couple on and off screen!



How we all feel about working Mondays.


tim dean luke

Tensions in the courtroom may have reach boiling point, but off camera Tim, Dean and Luke couldn’t be closer.


dean sarah sophie

The cutest lil’ fam, out for an adventure!


lynne ada

How do we get in on this friendship?! Lynne and Ada are serious goals.



Ray ❤️


ray emily georgie

“Ray’s selfie game very strong, just give him your phone and he’s off 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💙” Emily captioned this sweet pic.


georgie sam

These two gorgeous gals are absolutely glowing!


georgie rick

“Hanging with half Bro,” Georgie commented this sweet sibling snap.


sam sarah

How stunning are these two Summer Bay besties?!


ethan ray

Why do we feel like these two are conspiring something?


georgie emily james lynne

Just another glorious day in the diner!


dean courtney maddy lynne sarah

“There’s always one! 😂🤦‍♀️ Another beautiful day at Palmy with these lovely peeps,” Lynne captioned this pic.


sam lynne sarah

The girls back at the beach house after time away from set.



The gangs all here with a fruity themed game of lawn bowls.


parata boys

The Parata boys showing us how it’s done.


courtney emily sam

“Fox force 4! 🦊 ⭐️” Emily wrote alongside this smiley snap.


bridie emily

Bridie Carter has officially arrived in Summer Bay!


emily georgie lynne

Our favourite ladies just hanging out at the diner for Emily Symons’ birthday.


Cam georgie

We can’t get enough of these Summer Bay besties.


Cam georgie

The friends who pose together…


After backlash from fans towards Sam over her character Jasmine trying to gain custody of baby Grace, Penny sprung to her friend’s defence.

“This is Sam. Sam is not trying to steal my baby. Sam is a great actor. And a beauuuutiful person. Be like Sam.

“P.S Any mean comments aimed at Sam, and you’ll have ME to deal with!”


penny sam 1

The Home And Away cast take social distancing on set, seriously.

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Maddy Jevic and Sam Frost Tik Toking


Ada Sam

Ada Nicodemou shared this candid snap from behind the scenes during a daytime shoot with Sam Frost as they commenced socially distant filming. “Back at work with this gorgeous girl,” the starlet wrote.

(Instagram / @gerogieparker)


He’s back baby! Georgie Parker (who plays Roo in the soap) shared this gorgeous snap of Ray Meagher as the pair returned to set in May 2020. “Back at it,” she wrote.

(Instagram / @gerogieparker)

Warming up

The actress then shared this candid snap of the stars doing a rather unique pre-game: “Warming up for socially distant acting,” she captioned the pic.

Instagram / @camerondaddo

Georgie, Cam, Emily

Cameron Daddo has been making regular appearances in his new castmates’ photos. We’ve loved watching him be welcomed with open arms!

Instagram / @homeandaway

Ben and Maggie

Ben (Rohan Nichol) and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) are our on-screen couple goals, and off-screen friendship dreams.

Instagram / @georgieparker

Emily & Georgie

Sunny Summer Bay requires fabulous eyewear for sun protection, as demonstrated by Emily Symons and Georgie Parker.

Instagram / @__jamesstewart__

Pat, Sophie, Sarah, James

We love James Stewarts’ Elton John impersonation while at his concert earlier this year with wife Sarah Roberts and co-stars Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor.

Instagram / @__jamesstewart__

James, Jake, Orpheus

STILL CRYING. James farewells both Orpheus Pledger and Jake Ryan with the deaths of both their characters in the shocking season return this year.

Instagram / @fro01

Sam frost jake ryan

Sam Frost pays tribute to her Home And Away husband, Jake Ryan before his character Robbo’s tragic death in the first week of the show’s return in 2020.

Instagram / @adanicodemou

Georgie, Emily, Ada, Penny

Ultimate girl gang, Georgie Parker, Emily Symons, Ada Nicodemou and Penny McNamee celebrate Home And Away’s 2020 return, and this is one party we wish we had an invite to!

Instagram / @lynnemcgranger

Lynne, Ray, Sarah

The man, the myth, the legend! Ray Meagher knows how to get the ladies to smile. Pictured here with co-stars Lynne McGranger and Sarah Roberts.

Instagram / @paddy.oco

Lukas & Patrick

Summer Bay may look sunny but Home And Away films year-round. We spy Lukas Radovich and Patrick keeping cosy between filming in matching robes!

Instagram / @georgieparker

Alf, Roo, Martha

How sweet is this family photo?! Alf and Martha tied the knot in a whirlwind wedding this year, and on-screen daughter Roo, couldn’t have been happier.

Instagram / @georgieparker

Tim and Ray

We get the feeling Ray has quite the cheeky side thanks to this goofy pic with co-star Tim Franklin.

Instagram / @georgieparker

Cam, Pat, Sophie, Georgie, Emily

Cameron Daddo joined the cast this year (Pictured here with Emily Symons, Georgie Parker, Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman). We can’t wait to see what drama his character brings!

Instagram / @georgieparker

Georgie, Ada, James

Georgie Parker jumped in for a cute picture with on-screen couple Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart).

Instagram / @georgieparker

Lukas & Emily

Why do we get the feeling Lukas Radovich and Emily Weir have been snapped in the middle of scheming? Play it cool guys.

Instagram / @georgieparker


Alf may be getting on, but Ray is up to date with the modern age, texting between shots.

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