Hostage Hell: Who will be shot dead in the Home and Away Season Finale?

A terrifying hostage situation unfolds in Summer Bay. Who will survive and who will die?
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In the season finale of Home And Away, nobody is safe. Just as we thought all was well, the Ouroboros gang has resurfaced to terrorise Summer Bay.

As Robbo hunts them down, thugs take control of the Northern Districts Hospital and take staff and patients hostage. The knife-edge siege escalates and one of our favourites will be shot. Who’s in the firing line? Scroll through to see what’s in store for your favourite characters…


After receiving the bloodied police badge of friend and officer Lance (Angus McLaren) in the mail, an anxious Robbo (Jake Ryan) realises the Ouroboros aren’t gone at all.

He vows to put an end to the terror once and for all and begins to investigate with the help of AFP officer Scott (Trent Baines, near left). Before long, however, Robbo gets shocking news: Lance’s body has been found – and Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) has been murdered in his cell.

More determined than ever, Robbo and Scott throw themselves into their investigation, starting with Ouroboros leader Des (Matt Zeremes).

Robbo takes a tough approach to his interrogation, but Des is unfazed and refuses to talk. Meanwhile, when Scott answers Robbo’s phone, he’s shocked to learn from cop Colby (Tim Franklin) that there’s a siege at the hospital.

But instead of telling Robbo, Scott thinks the information could push him over the edge and that his focus should remain on Des and the investigation.

Colby’s convinced by what Scott tells him, but could there be something more sinister at play?

Robbo has no idea his loved ones are in danger.

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Feeling better and growing restless of being in hospital, Tori (Penny McNamee) decides it’s time she went home. She discharges herself against her brother Justin’s (James Stewart) wishes and spends her first night at home caring for baby Grace by herself.

However, the doctor panics when she realises she’s lost Grace’s memory book. When Marilyn (Emily Symons) checks in on Tori, she offers to stop by the hospital and look for the precious memento.

Not long after arriving at the hospital, however, four gunmen storm the emergency department. Marilyn is a wreck while held at gunpoint. She’s not coping and relies on the kindness of a stranger, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), to help survive the ordeal.

“She’s really freaking out,” Emily, 50, says. “There doesn’t seem to be an end to it; they all think they’re going to die.”

Marilyn is caught up in hostage drama at the hospital.

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The jig is up for deceitful Bella. To keep Colby’s attention, she’s been lying to him about being sick, but the police officer finally cottons on.

Terrified she’s going to lose the person she cares about most, Bella does something dramatic, downing a bottle of medication she’s stolen from the hospital.

“Bella doesn’t think of the consequences,” Courtney explains.

Mackenzie (Emily Weir) finds Bella in a bad way and rushes the youngster to hospital.

The pair are waiting to see doctor Alex in the emergency room when Bella rushes to the bathroom with Mackenzie in tow. It’s then that the gunmen make their move.

As the terrifeid women hide in a small room, Bella confesses she’s taken pills – how many, she doesn’t know. Mackenzie, realising the teen has overdosed and is deteriorating rapidly, tries to seek help.

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“She springs to action and risks her life,” Emily explains. “If she does nothing, Bella could die.”

But the pair are caught by the thugs, denied any medical help and herded in with the rest of the hostages. Bella’s condition becomes increasingly grim.

“She’s terrified – and keeps asking if she’s going to die,” Courtney says.

Mackenzie and Alex can’t get Bella the medical attention she needs.

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It’s another busy day in the emergency department for nurse Jasmine (Sam Frost) and doctor Alex (Zoë Ventoura).

The colleagues are tending to patients when the gunmen storm in and take control.

As they hold hostages at gunpoint, Jasmine is puzzled by their lack of motive or demands. She starts to wonder if she is the target of the siege.

“She realises she’s not safe anymore,” Sam says. “She’s terrified.”

Meanwhile, Alex is trying to tend to patients without tipping off the thugs. When Bella is found in a poor state, Alex is concerned by her condition and pleads with the gunmen: the teen needs help urgently, but they refuse to let Bella receive treatment.

Nurse Jasmine is dragged in to the firing line.

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Doctor-in-training Mason (Orpheus Pledger) is also on his shift at the hospital when the siege begins and he’s soon itching to do something.

“Mason can’t believe this is happening,” Orpheus, 26, says. “He just tries to be strong and, as always, heroic.”

He starts to plot a way to help those being held captive and, with the help of a willing patient, devises a plan.

Mason decides to create a diversion to distract their captors while as many hostages escape the life-threatening situation as possible…

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Mason tries to reason with the gunmen.

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At the frontline of the police barricade, Colby and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) grow increasingly frustrated with the lack of action. With their loved ones inside, they struggle to sit idly by and wait for a police negotiation team.

“He’s there not only as a cop, but as a brother, a lover and a friend,” Tim says of his character.

Dean takes matters into his own hands, sneaking around the side of the building and forcing a door. Just as he’s about to enter, Colby catches him. But, much to the surf instructor’s surprise, Colby joins him. The friends make their way into the hospital, determined to end the siege.

“Dean doesn’t really think things through, he just goes in,” Patrick explains.

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Still in need of urgent medical help, Bella (Courtney Miller) is clinging to life. Mason takes his chance to get the gunmen’s attention by confronting them. He tells them the teen needs help now. But, the hostage-takers aren’t moved.

Alex, Jasmine, Mackenzie and Marilyn take a stand with Mason: enough is enough. As the friends band together, the tension rapidly escalates – until one of the gunmen loses his nerve and snaps.

A shot is fired. But who is hit?

Home and Away finale airs Wednesday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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