Art imitates life for Home and Away star Penny McNamee

Mum-of-two Penny opens up on her family life at the TV WEEK Logie Awards

When Penny McNamee read the script for her character's pregnancy storyline in Home And Away, she had no idea how close to home it would become.
A month later, Penny, 36, discovered she was pregnant with her second child.
"Everyone thinks the story was written because I fell pregnant, but I actually found out within a month of it happening to my character [in the show]," she told TV WEEK.
"It's been good – and it gave me a real grasp of where Tori was at."
Penny reveals she could connect with her character over pregnancy.
In March, the actress – who already has a four-year-old son Jack with husband Matt Tooker – welcomed their daughter Neve into the world.
A few months later, mum and bub were headed to the Gold Coast for this year's TV WEEK Logie Awards.
"It was her first plane ride and she did really well," Penny said. "The first few months can be a blur with newborns, but I've really enjoyed having time off work and just being a mum."
Penny at the TV WEEK Logie Awards.
Penny's co-star Emily Symons also told TV WEEK that finding a balance between work and being a mum to a four-year-old takes time.
"I'll be really honest, it's hard," the 49-year-old said, adding that juggling life as a working mum to son Henry comes down to a couple of things in particular.
"I have a great support group around me," she explained. "Henry has a wonderful nanny and I really couldn't do what I do without her.
"You've just got to be really organised and get lots of sleep."
Emily Symons, Penny McNamee and Ada Nicodemou at the TV WEEK Logie Awards.

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