Modern Family star SofÍa Vergara plays real-life drug boss Griselda Blanco

The Godmother.
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She may be more glamorous than the real-life person she’s playing, but Sofía Vergara’s portrayal of a ruthless Colombian crime boss is unlike anything we’ve seen from her before.

The Modern Family star leads the cast in Griselda, a powerful and compelling story of businesswoman Griselda Blanco, who rose from obscurity to become known as “The Godmother” of the cocaine-based drug trade in Miami in the 1980s.

Griselda is known as “The Godmother.”

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Told in six hour-long episodes, Griselda was created by Eric Newman and Andrés Baiz – who directs every episode – reuniting the team behind Narcos and Narcos: Mexico.

“From the earliest days of my research for what became Narcos, Griselda leapt out at me as a fascinating character,” Eric, 53, said at Netflix global fan event Tudum. “I’ve always endeavoured to humanise complicated people, many of whom have been considered evil, and Griselda offered both the greatest challenge and opportunity.”

The series follows Griselda as she builds one of the most profitable drug cartels in history, while being a devoted mother to her three sons. Her charm was mixed with a notoriously violent ruthlessness that enabled her criminal empire to flourish.

There are six episodes in Griselda.

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“There has never been a woman who came close to achieving the power, wealth and respect Griselda did,” Eric said. “No trafficker, woman or man, ever elicited the same level of fear. She’s an anti-hero of the highest order, and a series of contradictions.”

While fans are familiar with Sofía’s comedic talents, the Colombian-born star says this role hit closer to home and she wasn’t afraid to tackle the darker subject matter.

“I grew up in Colombia during the drug-trafficking era,” Sofía, 51, told Vogue Mexico magazine. “It was a very difficult time.

Unfortunately, it’s part of my country’s history. We are what we are because of what we have lived. Colombia has moved forward.”

Eric adds that he had the highest confidence that Sofía would impress.

“She’s a force of nature and I have no doubt that whatever she sets her mind to she can accomplish,” he says. “She was perfect for the role – not only because she, like Griselda, is a single mother who came to America from Colombia with nothing and built an empire. Sofía has been thought of one way – a beautiful and brilliant comedic actress – and she’s so much more than that.”

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