Gogglebox Australia’s Jad, Sarah Marie and Matty dish the dirt ahead of season nine

“It’s such a relatable and funny show”
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They say what most of us are thinking and have viewers laughing until the credits roll. But despite their growing fame in Australia, the families of Gogglebox Australia are simply everyday Aussies – which makes them even more loveable.

“It’s such a relatable and funny show,” Jad says. “Everyone can relate to Gogglebox in a different way, which is why the show is so successful.”

As Gogglebox Australia heads into season nine, TV WEEK caught up with Jad, 32, Sarah Marie, 31, and Matty, 31, on what we can expect.

Gogglebox Australia stars Jad, Sarah Marie and Matty.

Do you still get nervous when you see yourselves on TV?

Matty: It’s our fourth season on the show, so it’s just exciting for us now. It’s an insight into our home – and we enjoy making people laugh.

What’s the couch dynamic between the three of you like?

Sarah: It’s so much fun, but I’m always outnumbered by the boys and our dog Bane. [Laughs] I usually have to clean up after them every night! The banter between us is great, though.

Jad: All three of us are natural talkers, which can be a good and bad thing. But that’s what you get when you walk into a Lebanese household. [Laughs]

M: Jad has a tendency to break something in our house every season. Last year, he gave Bane a red toy and the dye leaked all over the carpet. Recently, he broke our fridge door. So it’s great to have him back in the house!

A word of reply, Jad?

J: Normally I would, but I can’t dispute any of it!

What shows are you looking forward to watching in 2019?

S: I love animation shows and comedy, but these two hate it!

M: I love anything to do with David Attenborough… and so does Bane!

J: Hopefully, we get to watch a few cooking shows. But I’m dreading I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

Will you tune in to watch [former Goggleboxers] Ange and Yvie on I’m A Celebrity?

J: Hopefully – we don’t always get told what we’re watching.

M: But if we do, we won’t hold back on our thoughts!

What would happen if we put all the Goggleboxers in one room?

M: It would be a jumble of noise − no-one would get a word in. It would basically be one big family barbecue!

Gogglebox Australia airs Wednesday, 7.30pm (AEDT), Lifestyle, and Thursday, 9pm, Network 10.

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