EXCLUSIVE: Samuel Johnson bares his soul as he prepares for life without his beloved sister Connie

“I have to hold it together.”
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Samuel Johnson never shied away from being the very public face 
of his sister Connie’s fight against cancer – and of 
the Love Your Sister campaign.

But now, following Connie’s passing 
on September 8, Samuel Johnson says it’s time to push “pause” on his public persona and give himself time to grieve privately.

“I’m taking five days off, and I’m going to just go and breathe,” Sam, 39, tells 
TV WEEK following the private funeral in Canberra last week.

“I just want to lie in 
a paddock, look at the clouds, put my iPod on and listen 
to my Connie songs – just grieve in my own way,” he says. “I have to hold it together.”

Holding it together has been one of Sam’s hallmarks. He’s proved time and again that 
he bounces back from the brink better than most.

That said, in the wake of his sister’s death, Sam concedes he was inspired by Connie’s husband, Mike. 
He points to his brother-in-law’s 
eulogy as testament to his bravery.

“To me, the service was all about the strength of character Mike showed,” 
Sam reveals. “He stood up when it counted, looked his boys square in the eye and gave them permission to let 
go of all the pain.

“He also gave them permission to let go of the ‘darkness’ and the cancer they’d lived with for their whole lives – and promised them a new beginning.

“What a wonderful gift. 
It was extraordinary. I’m 
so proud of my brother.”

The brother-and-sister team have been an incredible inspiration.

Connie’s young sons, Willoughby and Hamilton, have been through a journey well beyond their years.

Sam says they’re doing as well 
as can be expected, given the situation.

“I’ve no worries about the boys, medium to long-term,” Sam says. “They’re well-
equipped, well-supported 
and will grow to be fine men.”

It’s no secret Sam is a man of boundless love and energy.

While he will now help Mike raise Connie’s kids, you might wonder whether Sam dreams of having his own children one day.

“I kind of am a dad,” he answers. 
“I have so many beautiful kids in my life, 
I struggle to show them the amount of love and affection I want to.

“I’ve always ended up with the stragglers, the orphans, with the kids whose dads have left. I don’t think they need to come from me to be my kids. 
I see myself as a father.”

It’s easy to forget that Sam, the man now determined to “kick cancer to the kerb” is an acclaimed actor too.

In fact, it was only
 a few months ago that he took home the TV WEEK Gold Logie Award for 
his work in the Channel Seven miniseries Molly.

It was another moment in a year 
of indelible highs 
and lows. So does he see himself returning to his first love, acting?

“It’s open-ended,” he says. “I said I’d reconsider once we raised 10 million bucks. We’re only on 7.5 million, [so] it’s not even something I can afford 
to think about now.”

And what if the dream 
role came along?

“After we’ve reached our goal and there’s a clear benefit for the charity, I’ll consider it,” 
he declares. “But at this stage, I’d say the chances of that are slim to none.”

It’s clear that, for the time being, 
Sam’s focus is on finding a way to 
survive his grief and get the job done.

“Yes, I am grieving, but the one thing Connie taught me is that this is bigger than my feelings,” he shares.

“This is 
the most crucial time for Love Your 
Sister – especially now that we don’t 
have Connie’s guidance.

“I’m determined not to screw it up. 
I have to get this perfect, whether 
Connie is dead or alive. Perfection is never good enough – she taught me 
that and I’ll keep striving for it.”

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