David Genat reveals his wife’s harsh health battle is his motivation on Celebrity Apprentice

The touching reason the male model is giving Celebrity Apprentice his all
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Survivor’s Golden God, David Genat, is renowned for his strategic, calculated gameplay.

Coming into Celebrity Apprentice Australia, the male model was determined to fight dirty to raise money for his charity, The Garvan Institute.

While not everyone agrees with David’s cunning gameplay, he’s doing it for a very good reason.

“My wife Pearl has been suffering from lupus for the last ten years, and had her first flare up when our daughter was born,” David, 41, tells TV WEEK.

“She managed to control it by changing her diet to be strict paleo, but when I was away for Survivor and dealing with all the stress of that, the diet change wasn’t working.”

After moving back to Australia at the beginning of 2020, Pearl’s condition only got worse.

“It was absolute insanity,” the father-of-four shares.

“She was having a really hard time with it – chronic pain and complications from the disease that led to multiple emergency room visits, pneumonia, pleurisy and a pulmonary embolism.”

Desperately looking for help to manage her condition, David and Pearl found The Garvan Institute, an organisation which conducts research into auto immune conditions like lupus whilst providing support to sufferers.

With a chance to give back and flex his strategic muscles, David was all in.

But after walking into the boardroom to see his team mate turned Lord Sugar’s advisor, Janine Allis, David was nervous.

“Janine sold me down the river on Survivor: Champions v contenders in 2018 so I wasn’t super stoked to hear she was advising the big boss!” David laughs.

“I have a penchant for revenge so knowing I couldn’t get her fired kind of rubbed me the wrong way! That didn’t stop me from trying to get her sacked, but Lord Sugar really seemed to like her and wanted to keep her on board.”

Will the Survivor champion be king of the board room too?

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