Channing Tatum’s latest R-rated role

It’s a far cry from Magic Mike.
Channing Tatum at Magic Mike XXL premiere.

Before you get too excited about reading Channing Tatum and R-rated role in the same sentence prepare for disappointment…

No, there’s not more Magic Mike on the way (as far as we know at this stage). However, the Hollywood heartthrob has taken on another rather controversial role.

Netflix has come up with some pretty out there ideas over the years, and this latest one is taking us a while to get our heads around.

The online streaming giant has released details for its first animated feature film titled, America: The Motion Picture.

According to Deadline, the film will be an adult-orientated R-rated revisionist history tale with Channing voicing the lead role of former American president George Washington.

Yep, it all sounds pretty strange. But consider us intrigued…

The series is being produced by Matt Thompson and Adam Reed, the duo behind the quirky animated series Archer. The script was written by Dave Callaham, who also wrote The Expendables and Zombieland 2.

As well as voicing the lead role, Channing will also be producing the film along with an impressive team including, Peter Kiernan, Reid Carolin, Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Will Allegra.

It’s not the only project he’s been busy with at the moment.

Channing is set to star alongside Colin Firth in the upcoming sequel to the spy-drama The Kingsman, in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

He’s also working with Adam Driver and Daniel Craig in Logan Lucky, a film about two brothers attempting to pull off a heist during a NAZCAR race in North Carolina.

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