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Channing Tatum shows off his magic dance moves in 30 seconds

Channing Tatum would impress us if he stood still doing nothing, but somehow he’s managed to make the funky chicken look all kinds of sexy.

By Chloe Lal
The actor, who we think has single-handedly helped encourage the male population to turn to stripping, showed off his smooth moves while shooting his cover story for Vanity Fair with famed photographer, Annie Leibovitz.
The moves might not have made it into Magic Mike but they’re certainly XXL as Channing breaks it down showcasing his best hula, pony, funky chicken and even Madonna’s vogue – all set to Ginuwine’s “Pony” (making for some awkwardly hot and very funny viewing!)
Channing continues the Magic Mike journey in the sequel, set to hit cinemas later this month.
The film reunites five strippers from 2012's hit including Ken (Matt Bomer), Big Dick Richie (Joe Manganiello), Tarzan (Kevin Nash), Tito (Adam Rodríguez) and Mike (Channing Tatum). The guys decide it’s time to retire but before they can hang up their thongs for good, they plan one final road trip.
While we can expect a smoldering flick on our hands, Channing's smoking co-star, Joe Manganiello revealed to Vanity Fair that there is a price for being that sexy!
“My dance partner did something unrehearsed, and the result was a loud rip and a pop [of] my bicep,” Joe remembered. “I had to go in the back and we kind of had our all valley karate Miyagi moment in the back. . . . A masseuse was trying to work what we thought was a bone back into my arm.”
“It was right out of Rocky. I was like, ’Dude, I’ll go on!’ He was like, ‘No, I got it. Just pop it back in,’” Channing chimed in, rather impressed.
The same couldn't be said for Sofia Vergara, Joe's future wife.
“Sofía was there that day,” Joe said. “We got back [to my trailer], and as soon as the door closed, she looked at me and said, ‘If I see you at the gym tomorrow, we’re done. I’m going to leave you. That’s it!’”
“He hasn’t been to a gym since,” Channing laughed.
In anticipation for the film, why not whet your appetite and watch Channing Tatum do his thang in the video player above.

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