Casey Donovan spills on her Blind Date experience

The Australian Idol winner is heading back to TV...but this time for love.
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We loved her when she was singing her heart out on Idol, we loved her in the jungle, we loved her as a cop on Street Smart, but now Casey Donovan is heading back to TV for a shot at love.

The 30 year-old singer is looking for her perfect partner on Channel Ten’s Blind Date and spills on her number one celebrity crush and what it’s like dating in the public eye.

Casey Donovan is winning at life and looking for love on Blind Date (Image: Getty Images)

Casey’s love life hasn’t always been smooth sailing. The Australian Idol winner has spoken candidly about her catfish experience, when she was tricked into falling in love with a man named Campbell who never actually existed but turned out to be Casey’s female friend, Olga.

Speaking with TheFIX in September about the incident, she said, “What I went through, with the catfishing, should be teaching me a lesson not to trust people and to put your walls up. And I do to an extent but I still put trust in people that I shouldn’t… and that’s just me getting burnt.”

And Casey admits that dating in the public eye is hard.

“It’s always challenging, dating is odd and awkward especially if there is no connection and also coming from my angle. People sometimes get a little weirded out when we catch up out in public,” she tells Now To Love.

WATCH: Casey Donovan talks about getting catfished on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

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It seems like the singing sensation is winning at life. When we spoke to Casey on this year’s TV WEEK Logies red carpet, she told us that she’s staying on top of her incredible weight loss and health.

“It’s going really well and I’m taking time to focus on myself. At the end of the day it’s just about being happy and living life to the fullest as much as you can,” she said in July.

“It’s bloody hard. It’s hard work. Some day’s you’re amazing, some day’s you’re not, it’s about getting up and being accountable for what you’ve done,” she said.

Casey signed up for Blind Date for a “bit of fun,” adding that “it’s the closest thing I’ll get to The Bachelorette!

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“It’s the closest thing I’ll get to The Bachelorette! says Casey (Image: Getty Images)

And as for funny lady and presenter Julia Morris, who is also one of the I’m A Celebrity hosts, it’s safe to say Casey is a fan.

“She is a very funny, intelligent, caring, beautiful, strong woman who I just adore!”

While she’s bound to have three remarkable suitors, there’s one famous face she’d love to see behind the sliding door.

When quizzed about her celebrity crushes, Casey joked, “Too many to name but first on the top of my tongue is Tom Hardy!”

Good luck on your quest for love Casey, any guy would be lucky to have you!

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