Cariba Heine on joining Home And Away: “I got an offer via email!”

The former H2O star is ready to shake up Summer Bay.
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Home and Away newcomer Cariba Heine rolled into Summer Bay last week and her character, Ebony has a sinister agenda.

She’s sister of big, bad Boyd (Steve Le Marquand) and she is out for revenge following his shocking demise.

The vengeful woman hopes to befriend policeman Colby (Tim Franklin), who shot her brother.

At the same time, friends will become foes as Ebony spins a web of lies.

But how far will she go for revenge?

Ahead of Ebony’s debut we chat to the former H2O and Dance Academy star about what we can expect from her crazed character.

Ebony is out to cause trouble!

Welcome to Home And Away. How did the role come about?

I auditioned via tape from overseas. A few weeks later, I was at the Toronto Film Festival and got an offer via email!

Tell us about Ebony.

She’s a real piece of work. She doesn’t think twice about taking a wrecking ball to someone’s life if they’re in her way.

I wouldn’t want to know her.

Does playing the villain scare or excite you?

I’m so excited – it’s a lot of fun.

She’s pretty despicable, so I hope she gets a rise out of people!

Is a clueless Colby wandering into a trap?

So, what else can we expect from Ebony?

Cariba’s co-star, Tim Franklin, says Ebony is a woman on a mission.

“Ebony is after anyone and everyone who had anything to do with Boyd’s death,” Tim, 27, tells TV WEEK.

And he says she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants! In an intense week in Home And Away, Ebony even pierces the tyres of her own car to get cop Colby’s attention.

“She’s pretty specific about who she wants to take down,” he says.

“Revenge is her game, and she won’t stop until she wins.”

Uh-oh! Watch out, Summer Bay!

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