Packed To The Rafters’ Angus McLaren joins Home and Away!

The Aussie actor is heading to Summer Bay and will reunite with an old co-star.
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Angus McLaren is returning to screens and we’re swinging from the rafters in excitement!

We last saw Angus take on the role of Dr. Toke on Nine Network’s Doctor Doctor, but the Packed To The Rafters star is now heading to Summer Bay.

He swings into town as federal agent Lance Salisbury this week. And while it’s not quite the Rafters reboot we’ve been holding out for, Angus’ arrival in the Bay will see him reunite with his former co-star, James Stewart.

Before his debut on Home And Away later this week, we chatted to the actor about what we can expect from his stint on the show.

Packed To The Rafters ran for six season from 2008-2013.

How does it feel to join the cast of Home and Away?

It’s very exciting. It hit home for me when I walked into the Diner and all the characters I’ve grown up watching were there.

My character had to order something from Irene [Lynne McGranger] and she called me “Darl”. It was surreal!

Angus says joining the soap is “exciting”.

What can we expect from your character, Lance?

He’s a federal agent who was best friends with Robbo [Jake Ryan].

Lance is intricately tied in with Robbo’s circumstances, and the mystery slowly gets unpacked. He used to know Robbo well and wants him to see justice.

[But] with the shady world he [Robbo] lives in, he fears he may never see daylight again. The stakes are really high.

It’s great to work alongside Jake. He’s an incredibly talented actor.

Angus’ Home and Away stint sees him reunite with former co-star, James Stewart.

How did it feel to reunite with your former Packed To The Rafters co-star James Stewart?

It was a bonus. We hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

We actually film in the same corridors as Rafters – we were in the studios next door.

It was very nostalgic. The walls are lined with TV WEEK posters and one had Jimmy’s face on it!

Angus McLaren debuts on Home and Away this week. Catch it Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Channel Seven.

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