Packed To The Rafters star Angus McLaren joins Doctor Doctor cast

He doesn't look like Nathan Rafter anymore!

By Stephen Downie
Gone is the shaggy blond hair, replaced by straight back and sides. And he’s looking more athletic than he ever did before.
Still, there’s no mistaking it’s Nathan Rafter. Or rather, former Packed To The Rafters star Angus McLaren.
The 28-year-old stars in season two of Nine Network hit drama Doctor Doctor. He plays an ex-military dude named Dr Toke.
“He’s a bit of an action man,” Angus tells TV WEEK. “I wanted the chance to play a character quite different 
to ones I’ve played before.”
The actor acknowledges this role is the biggest thing he’s done since leaving Rafters four years ago.
So just what has he been doing since then? Well, Angus went back to school, graduating last year from the Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts (WAAPA).
“I spent three years in the wild west,” the actor reveals.
Angus as Dr Toke on Doctor Doctor.
Angus says he still looks back on Rafters fondly.
“There hasn’t been anything in Australian TV history that exploded quite like that,” he recalls.
“I’m incredibly grateful 
for that whole experience.”

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