They always have a good time! A look back at some of the best celebrity cameos to ever happen on Home and Away

Like Ed Sheeran casually visiting his nanny, Marilyn.
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Over Home And Away‘s 34 years on television, it’s produced endless drama and countless stars from Chris Hemsworth to Heath Ledger and Melissa George.

But every so often, a familiar face that doesn’t quite belong makes an appearance.

The much-loved Aussie soap boasts a slew of A-list cameos you’ve probably forgotten all about!

In 2015, British singer Ed Sheeran made his mark on Summer Bay playing the role of one of the kids Marilyn used to look after… who grew up to be none other than superstar Ed Sheeran!

“It’s an Australian institution. It’s always on in my local chip shop,” Ed said at the time.

“I got asked to do it and it sounded like it could be fun”.

Keep scrolling to check out our favourite Summer Bay star cameos of all time…

Home and Away Cameo

Chris Hemsworth (2015)

After hitting the big time in Hollywood, ex-H&A star Chris Hemsworth paid a visit to his old stomping ground. While on set, he filmed a cameo as an extra in the diner (see him in the background?) and posed for photos with cast members, including Jessica Grace Smith.

Home and Away Cameo

John Farnham (1988)

Sally won tickets to see Farnsey, but got chicken pox and couldn’t attend. Bobby and Frank went instead and, after hearing of Sally’s plight, Farnsey visited the youngster in the Bay. Watch John’s cameo in the next player!

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John Farnham stars on Home and Away

Home and Away Cameo

Lleyton Hewitt (2005)

The Aussie tennis champ dropped into the diner and appeared in two scenes with his now-wife Bec Hewitt.

Home and Away Cameo

Tennis star Lleyton ready for his close-up!

Home and Away Cameo

Jessica Mauboy (2016)

Australia’s sweetheart played herself, performing on stage to a crowd of delighted fans at the Summer Grooves music festival. Neither she nor the townsfolk had any idea of the looming bushfire.

Home and Away Cameo

Atomic Kitten

This takes the cake for the most random celeb cameo! Back in 2001, British girl group Atomic Kitten made a brief appearance on the show for a special UK edition. In the episode, the band give Nick Smith directions after he gets lost on a busy London street.

Home and Away Cameo

Ed Sheeran (2015)

What do you do when you’re the biggest pop star on the planet? You go on H&A, of course.

Home and Away Cameo

Ed played Teddy, who came to the Bay to visit his old nanny, Marilyn. He ended up performing his hit Thinking Out Loud for the townsfolk.

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Ed Sheeran on Home and Away

Home and Away Cameo

Michael Palin (1996)

And now for something completely different, Monty Python’s Michael appeared as a surfer in an episode of the show. Michael was filming a TV series in Australia at the time.

(Image: Seven)

Home and Away Cameo

David ‘Kochie’ Koch

It was a blink, and you will miss it moment, but in 2007 the Sunrise host appeared on the show having a beer at the Summer Bay surf club, and he nailed his two-word line, “yeah, sure.”

(Image: Instagram)

Home and Away Cameo

Sam Mac

Fourteen years later, Kochie’s colleague, Sunrise weatherman Sam, bested his word count when he was given 45 more words of dialogue. He played himself on the show as the guest of honour at Martha’s black-tie art fundraiser for mental health.

WATCH: Sam on make his guest appearance on Home and Away below.

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Sam Mac on Home and Away

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