Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth hilariously battle to be the ‘Best Aussie’

Guess who won?

By Maddison Hockey
Ellen never fails to make us laugh, especially when it comes to our favourite celebs. So, of course she had to pit two of Australia's best (and most beautiful) exports against one another in a game called 'Ellen's Australian Boxers.'
Margot and Chris entered the makeshift game show dressed in kangaroo onsies and giant boxing gloves. And we don't think we've ever seen anyone look so good dressed in what is essentially an oversized blanket.
Chris and Margot find the competition as hilarious as we do.
Ellen devised a series of Australia-themed trivia questions before declaring, "Whoever gets the most right is the best Australian, besides my wife Portia de Rossi." Obviously.
Questions included the birthplace of Nicole Kidman (which they both got wrong), naming an Olivia Newton John song and giving their best Crocodile Dundee impressions. Ellen also tried to do a service to all when she asked, "Nemo was trying to get back to P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. Chris, what is your address?"
And much to our disappointment, he didn't give an answer.
Margot on the other hand was asked the impossible – "Chris or Liam Hemsworth?" Chris was happy to buzz in for her and jokingly answer, "Um, Liam."

While Chris may have taken out the competition, he was a very gracious winner. He took to Instagram to assure his fans he shared his grand prize, a jar of vegemite, with Margot.
You can watch the full clip of the gorgeous pair above (as many times as your heart desires).

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